Bhutan’s HDI better than that of its immediate Neighbors’ this year.

Bhutan stands on 132nd position on the global Human Development Index(HDI) this year, according to the report prepared and published by the UNDP. This tiny Himalayan Kingdom that believes in Gross National Happiness rather than national prosperity has slipped a notch down from its previous position.But comparing its HDI with that of its immediate neighbors, Nepal(144th) and India(134th), it is yet satisfactory.

Since 1990 UNDP has been preparing HDI report annually on the basis of several factors including life expectancy, National Income, Adult literacy, school enrollment in all levels and so on to assess the state of Human Development of different nations. This year’s report includes 182 nations of the world among which Norway,Australia, Iceland, Canada and Ireland lead the rest. Countries like Niger, Afganisthan, Mali, Burkina Feso,Congo, Central African Republic and Seirra Leone are at the bottom of the list.

Among the SAARC nations, Maldives is at 95th leaving behind its neighbors Sri-Lanka at 102nd, Pakistan at 141, Bangladesh at 146th and Afganisthan far below the margin at 181th position. The USA ranks 13th,down by one position from last year.

China,the northern neighbor of Bhutan is at 92nd position.


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