YOB attends Feminist Working Group meeting in Austria.

Ms.Dhan Maya Ale Magar, Women representative of Youth Organization of Bhutan ( YOB ) currently living in Denmark attended the Feminist Working Group meeting of International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) in Vienna, the capital city of Austria, according to the press release published by YOB president,Mr. Rajan Giri (living in California,USA). The four-day long meeting of the IUSY, which is a global forum of socialist youth organizations,was held in this tiny central European nation from October 2 to 5.

IUSY, which is also a sister organization of Socialist International, comprises membership from over 100 countries around the globe. YOB has been a member since 1994  and  advocating the Bhutanese Refugee issues at different level in the international communities since then.

The press release of the YOB a copy of which was sent to the Bhutanusa.com reads: ‘Ms. Magar highlighted the current situation of Bhutanese refugees and the sufferings of women in the refugee camps. She also urged the other NGOs and representatives from various countries to provide possible support to them on various aspects such as education and community health sector which eventually would help them to become self sufficient and help eradicate poverty in long term’.

YOB had attended the IUSY World council in Mexico in January 2009 and IUSY World Festival in Hungary in July 2009.


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