Devastating Fire In Wamrong-12 Houses Turned Into Ashes

Wamrong town in fire-nothing could be saved

Wamrong town in fire-nothing could be saved(Photo:kuenselonline)

Twelve houses were gutted by fire at the Wamrong town lying on the Samdrup Jongkhar-Trashigang Highway, according to Kuensel online, an online newsportal of Bhutan. The fire,believed to have been triggered by an electric short circuit from the kitchen of a house, burnt twelve of the seventeen houses in the township to the ground causing the loss of property worth hundreds of thousand of Ngultrums. The fire was said to have started the afternoon of 8th October, 09, Thursday.

Witnessed as the largest fire in the recent history, it destroyed 9 shops, 2 eateries and affected some 26 families in the area. The fire came as another shock no sooner than the earthquake and the windstorm in the eastern districts. The residents lost almost everything they have accumulated through their lifetime to fire.

“It raged so huge that, when we poured a bucket of water, it burnt even higher”, Kuensel online quoted Dechen Wangdi, the dungkhag administration officer as saying, who rushed off with his friends to the spot when they heard of the fire. When the smoke from fire turned dark and invincible, people started taking their belongs out.

Some minutes after the fire broke out, numerous strenuous efforts were made by the local residents to dismantle it but to no avail. Kuensel online writes: two RBP fire engines arrived at the site from Trashigang town at around 2:30 pm BST. Two hours later, officials from Trashigang came with additional manpower and relief materials. Also, Dantak workers based in Moshi, 8 km away from the spot, came to the rescue with their trucks carrying water to help put off fire. Students from the nearby school rushed to the fire raged village and helped a lot to reduce the skyrocketing flames.

Homeless families are being fed by the district and are lodged in the multipurpose hall of the Womrong LSS. Relief materials and household items have also been distributed to the affected families by UNICEF and from the relief centers in Trashigang. There are five remaining shops still standing and running their business . Rest of the burnt houses were all uninsured as per the report collected by the Kuensel correspondent.

The king is expected to visit the fire affected area in Womrong in few days.


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