UN cuts food rations for refugees in Nepal.

The United Nations said Thursday it had been forced to cut food rations to 90,000 Bhutanese refugees living in camps in Nepal due to a severe funding shortage. The UN’s World Food Programme provides rice, lentils and other food to the refugees, who fled Bhutan when ethnic tensions flared nearly two decades ago and came to eastern Nepal, where they have lived ever since in camps.

The move, which comes after the UN warned on Wednesday that the global economic crisis had led to declines in foreign aid and investment in poor countries, marks the first time rations have been cut in the camps.
Nepal country representative Richard Ragan said the WFP was “extremely concerned” about the consequences of reduced rations on the refugees’ health, and that further ration cuts may be necessary in the coming months.

“The Bhutanese refugees have no legal right to own land or work, leaving them almost entirely dependent upon WFP food to meet their basic needs,” the organisation said in a statement.
A representative of the refugees told AFP it would be hard to live on the reduced rations.

“I don’t know how I’m going to survive for 14 days on 2.8 kilos (six pounds) of rice. I will have to eat very little so I don’t run out of food,” camp secretary Tek Bahadur Gurung said by telephone from the Beldangi camp.
Bhutan has refused to allow the refugees to return, but more than 20,000 have now left Nepal for Western countries under a resettlement programme launched in 2007.

The UN said the programme could take up to five years to complete, and called for urgent funding to allow it to continue feeding the refugees.

(Source: AFP)


11 Responses

  1. This is the result those dumb refugees in the camp have been waiting. Worse is yet t o see when the agencies take off their responsible hands and announce the stoppage of ration to these refugees… and then finally they aggree to be resettled but alas by then IOM will have resettled 60+ so there will be no iom office in damak. HAHAHAH krantikari bhaai ho lu aba sibir ka pro resettlement refugee haru laai attack gara kille gara.
    Show to the world your real power by feeding thousand of hungry mouths as a result of this decision of the aid agency. I want to ask to senior Bhutanese pro repatriation leaders: What will be your role if in future aid agencies stop funding the Bhutanese refugee for hand to mouth? keep silent and live as is it in Birtamod or kathmandu or what else?

  2. This can be caused due to the financial crises not only the bhutan refugee but in the whole nation of the world are going worsed. It will takes time to arrange this problems. The UN and WFP will increased the food by 60% compaired to last year.

  3. i would suggest all Bhutanese Refugee to c what the better ways/path to follow.Do not not worried about 2.8 killo rice.

  4. common buddies, fill up the forms to come to US or other countries. One thing thats guranteed here is, U guys wont die coz of Food or housing or clothing. lez fill up the forms asap. Bhotay wont take u howmuch U try.

  5. You have done a good job of collecting news around the world as the Bhutanese community is scattered all around and still some of the problems are unsolved after resettlement.It would be great if u could explore some more regarding the condition of our people through out the globe.

    • The reduction of food stuffs and other benefits is irrational and sorrowful for Bhutanese refugees in Eastern Nepal and UN should work out on it and provide the benefits that helps in the lively hood of our people because the benefits given were already limited.

  6. It is irrational warn of the UN to say food cut due to infected budget every year and has forced the refugees live plaintive life in the camps. A part of help that has been showered every year to Bhutan from the UN and other international countries and donors must be used for these refugees who have been living the murkiest life in the camps for the last 18 years. It is even insignificant to warn as this generates topsy-turvy feelings in the helpless hearts of the refugees.
    Food dearth is, however, a prevalent crisis in the whole world, an immediate measure must be adopted in order to feed and keep survived these refugees who have even no ways to get out of the camps and beg for alms.

    • I don’t think the global recession has impacted the humanitarian committment to Bhutanese refugees. If UN has said that the resources has to be diverted to other areas like Pakistan and Afghanistan for locally displaced people that we justify the cause more.

      But coming to the context of reducing ration to Bhutanese refugees, it does not make any sense. Instead the UN should say that they will wsah off their hands rather than making people to live half stomach. Why cannot UN divert the budget that was allocated to close to 25000 bhutanese settling aborad and keep the ration at the same quantity?
      If UN is serious about this what is the scientific research that people will survive with the reduce quantity?
      Where is the report from FAO that food production has been affected world wide?
      Where is the report from UNICEF that people can live with such quantity healthy?
      If the finiancial shortage is so scary why cannot the UN redirect the fund going to Bhutan to benefit the already wealthy people and scholarships going to wealthy people and send to the camp?

      If you want can provide us more details of this situation, we as resettled diaspora can approach the other organnisation to support them or raise the issue to the respective govt. Remember that US president has mentioned Bhutanese refugees in his address.

      I hope what UN said is not true and the decent ration will continue for the refugees for another few years untli the resettlement is complete.

  7. if UN need help than please tell by this website so we all those who resettle in third country will collect some fund n share to refugee camp but its very hard to surbive so if any bhutaness will die than un should me responsible and y they give me ration before.

  8. that’s is not good if the bhutanese refugee got 2.8 killo rice that’s is not good. plz give all rice to all for limitly

  9. Food shortage is a global crisis.every one should accept it.From now,refugees in camps will stay in half dead situation.this is an alarm to those who are in dilemma whether to opt for third countries.rations shortage in the camps will affect(IN FUTURE) more to those who are waiting for Repatriation to our LOVING motherland,BHUTAN.

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