GoBYO amazes the folks with Deusi songs.

Som Subedi,
Bhana Bhana Bhaai ho !
Deusi ray
Ramrari  Bhana !
Deusi ray
Group of Bhutanese Youth in Oregon (GoBYO) organized Deusi-Bhaili program yesterday, for the first time since the resettlement of Bhutanese began in 2008  in Oregon. The  GoBYO’s  Deusi-Bhailo program continues  for two more  days as  festival ends only on   Sunday, the third and the final day of Tihar.

Sel RotiThis, as per GoBYo, is to preserve the  Bhutanese culture and tradition in a new land and to accomplish their mission.  Speaking at the program, Mr. Chitra Chuwan, one of the Ad hoc committee members of the group stressed, “We have a good start and will continue it despite the fact that   financial hardship discourages us to maintain forever”.
Bhutanese youth along with local residents were among the participants in the program that  marked the beginning of the tradition of
Tihar Celebration in new settlement remembering their lives in camps and home back  in Bhutan. The group played ‘deusi’ for few hours. It was announced in the gathering that the money collected from the program will be used for needy and newly resettled families.
GoBYO, a non profit organization of the resettled Bhutanese Youths  in Oregon was formed two months ago and  has been organizing various programs that benefit the community folks there.
(Mr. Subedi is a member of Bhutanusa.com)
(We will upload more photos later in the evening)

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  1. To Editor,
    I am one of the Bhutanese folks living in Australia after (as you all know that ) resetlement process. I am really keen to write poems and some thing like ‘Gajal’. I had lost my hopes to write since after departure from Nepal, where our mother tongue was handy. Thanks to this site for giving one more life to keep my desire alive. Hopefully, I can explore my poem and other more articles on this site but no idea if I wish to write it in Nepali. Could you please advice me how to write in order to get the poem written in Nepali? Only if you do not hesitate to suggest me. Would be no boundary for the happiness if you honestly give the reply. At last but not the least , I would like to extent my thanks to those people who were been working hard with this site to provide recent and truth news to the site viewer. Your work for the Bhutanese people is awful.
    Kind regard
    Nabin Chhetri

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