President extends Deewali wishes

Promod Rizal
President Barrack Hussein Obama has extended a warmest wishes of Deewali to all Hindus, Indians, Nepalese and Bhutanese of Nepali ethnicity living in the US and else where in the world.  This is the first time in the history of the US that any president has addressed people who observe this great festival of lights known as Tihar or Deepawali. The president’s wish came at time when Hindus and Nepalese throughout the world are on the go for preparing the arrival of this festival.

In a nation with people so diverse in race and religion, recognition from the president as event markers of Dewali has, no doubt, generated  the feelings of satisfaction in our people that they are part of what makes the vast land as the home of immigrants. One of the reasons for  president greeting people  can be to do in keeping with the growing number of Bhutanese in  the US following the resettlement program initiated by the land of Star-Spangled Banner. There has been a significant increase in the population celebrating this festival after Bhutanese saw their relocation here.  This move of the president will certainly nurture  hope and boost energy in these  people towards living their new lives successfully.

Based on his understanding of the term, Obama defined- Deepawali is the festival of lights, a time when members of some of the world’s great fates celebrate the triumph of good over evil.  He further threw light on its importance saying, “Its significance is laid out in the Sanskrit verse that lead us from falsehood to truth, from darkness to light, from death to immortality.  Concerned about the ongoing disparity around the globe, he made  a sentimental expression for those who are less fortunate and called every one for reviving the universal sense of brotherhood.

He said, “Well, this is the time for celebration, it is also time for contemplation when we remember those who are less fortunate , those who may not be eating as hardly as celebrating it festively, those who do not enjoy the same rights to speak and worship freely and make up their lives what they wish” . He seemed sympathetic towards those who are meeting with ill fate in their lives when he expressed as “Our hearts are with them, not just the day but every day and at this sacred time of the year let us join together across denomination, religions and cultures to make the heaven of empathy and reach after those most indeed, to share the blessings we enjoy and advance the cause f peace in all corners of our world”.

Deepawali recurs every year roughly in the month of October which began with Lord Ramaâ’s return from the exile lighting a small lamp to lead his way home. Our lighting of candles in Tihar is the continuation of this tradition. It begins approximately two weeks  after another great Nepali festival called Dashain. People from all walk of lives. Of all age group, rich and poor, seem to forget everything of their daily lives and dedicate to this three-day celebration. The first day of Tihar means to worshipping Laxmi, the goddess of the wealth. The following day  Oxen are honored  for the onerous task they perform for us which has some mythological linkage to Vedic era of ancient India. Last day, the most important day, is for brothers and sisters to get together to share their love and rejoice with traditional Deusi and Bhaili songs.

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5 Responses

  1. thanks a lot obama

  2. We all the Bhutanese in UTAH are extremely happy and delighted to hear the president Obama’s message on the occasion of Dipawali. Its a matter of great joy for all of us and we for the first time feel to be recognised by the american government.we hope to have such more clossnes in the days to come.

  3. I really happy with the President Obama that he support our Light festival Deepawali thousand of thanks for him from all bhutanese who settle in Norway.

  4. obama is good person for us.we bhutanese people became very happy by seeing his wishes for us.he is the person who looks equel to all them people.thanks to president obama

  5. Obama is real man who consider all people as human poor or rich,so that he got noble prize.Thanks to president obama

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