Bhutanese in Colorado solemnize Tihar

D.N. Rizal
Oct 18, Bhutanese residents in Colorado kicked off the first day of Tihar with a cultural show yesterday.

little girls dancing for 'Tiharai aayo......'

little girls dancing for 'Tiharai aayo......'

With arrangements and managements from recently formed group called Bhutanese Cultural Society OF Colorado, the program was housed in the auditorium of Place Bridge Academy, an elementary school located some five miles south-east of downtown Denver. The Principal of the school, Mrs. Brenda Kazim was offered the chair for chief guest while the show were launched. Some seven hundred Bhutanese from around the locale attended the event though this is not the significant numbers which otherwise would be.
Women singin Bhailini........

Women singin Bhailini........

It was a good program in the sense that it included children, youths, women and seniors. One could sense the touch of Vedic rituals in the beginning when a Bhutanese priest started the program with his recitations of Sanskrit hymns for the worship of Goddess Laxmi . Later, after the noon, younger generation jumped on to the stage with their shows, some typical of the festival Tihar while other of the different juvenile tastes. In the mean time, the announcer summoned a team of sexagenarian women for performing the earliest of our song ‘Sangini’. Later after sometime, senior male members were seen onstage singing ‘Deusi and Bhaili’ in the tone that seemed to plot our way back to memory lane- back to refugee camps, back to Bhutan. Any Nepali heart could stop to lend its ear to the enthralling song ‘je bhane ne huncha hajur man ta Nepali…’ to which the youngsters danced enthusiastically. The speakers were members of Hindu Samaj (Colorado) and few Bhutanese leading the group that recently came in to existence . ‘If we forget our tradition, our culture will ultimately fade away from the world’, said the temporary speaker of the organization.
Dancers conveyed a great deal of messages dancing for a song that says destroying of all our obstacles breaking in chestnut seed and elimination of our enemies forever.
As a whole, the performances were good enough to be captured into the cameras by many but the program looked a bit disorganized as many of the Bhutanese were not sure of where this event will be just before the day of its observation. Otherwise the hall would have burst with the populace adding the thundering applaud in to the show.
(Mr Rizal is a core group member of


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  1. I would like to thanks the for notifying me such a awesome and unfogetable moments that really hit my brain to acknowledge the culture ,thNKS to all the members and entire managing commitee for maiking me to all those stuff.

  2. hello can u send me the link that where u guys uploaded the programs video.

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