Greater Boston Bhutanese community Forms

Boston,Massachusetts, Oct. 19 After several meetings and discussions, Bhutanese in Boston, Massachusetts were successful in setting a group named Greater Boston Bhutanese Community (GBBC) on the 18th day of October.Consisting of dedicated youths and adults filled with zest and energy to serve their community in their area, GBBC has the objectives that its members will work to achieve their goal of helping Bhutanese in Boston-both who arrive fresh and who already are resettled- in every respect where they feel the need;

Rakesh Kafley, Yadav Adhikari, Birkha Magar, Tek Rai, Hasta magar, Amit Acharya, Ganesh Magar, ,Krishna Sapkota, Krishna Kharel, Mani Biswa, Gopal Acharya, Rabi Dhungana and Suman Acharya are some of its active members who are expected to work for the common cause of the Bhutanese in the region.

Its codes of conduct, terms and conditions or the guidelines by which the new group will be directed are yet not disclosed to

Known from email by one of its active members, the group is committed with preserving and maintaining the culture, tradition and language connected with the original dwellers of southern Bhutan who as a result of doomed destiny are scattered around the world.


4 Responses

  1. Good. Keep its identity to keep our identity.

  2. be great and patients but dont loss the hope

  3. do but don’t fight each other later ok.

  4. Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GoBYO will work with u all.thanks for having such organization in Boston for further preservation of bhutanese Identity in EXILE and helpin g the vulnerable refugees pre and post resettlement.

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