Bhutanese bid eternal farewell to Mon Maya.

D.N. Kafle
(Adelaide, Australia)
(Oct. 20) Resettled Bhutanese paid their homage and prayed for the heavenly  peace of  late Mon Maya Ghimirey [Biswakarma], bidding her eternal farewell at the final funeral procession held today at Folland Chapel, Enfield Memorial Park in Adelaide, South Australia. The ritual was held  almost two weeks after she breathed her last  committing  suicide at her house of residence at Darlington Street, Marion.


The crowd paying final tribute to Mon Maya.(Photo:DN Kafle)

Present at her final funeral ceremony were personnel from church, resettlement service providers including Australian Refugee Association [ARA], Migrant Resource Centre [MRC] Anglicare, Family SA and Funeral Director with almost 150 people from the Bhutanese Community.

Proceedings began at around 1:30 PM with a prayer from Pastor Jude of  Penta Coastal Church  which  lasted for almost an hour till late Ghimire was laid to rest forever. A recorded sermon of Pastor Gopilal Biswa from Sanischare Camp, in Nepal was played as well.

Followed by a short Biography read by Jogen Gazmer, a group of Bhutanese paid their farewell in words of choirs.

Left behind are her four children, two of her own and two step children, of which two are under aged, the youngest being 5 years old.

What has been turned out to be the onus of the Bhutanese Community at SA- to shelter the four bereaved children, Ratan Gazmer and Gauri Giri has been shouldering this state of delicacy with an immense sense of responsibility to provide a short-term shelter to the four children until a final decision regarding the permanent guardianship and shelter for the aforesaid is defined.

Late Mon Maya committed suicide on 7th of October 2009, at her own house of residence at Darlington Street, Marion, at the age of 29.

(Mr. Kafle is the member of the editorial Board,


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