Four Lhotsampas nabbed on molestation.

Police in Dagana district arrested four Bhutanese citizens of Nepali ethnicity for allegedly molesting two minors, according to the Kuenselonliine, the online news portal of Bhutan. Dhan Bahadur Darjey, 27,Kishor Darjey,34,both Taxi drivers by occupation, a businessman, Ashok Kumar, 27, and his assistant, Arthman Rai, 19, were arrested this week. All the four accused have admitted their involvement in the crime.

The victims, two Bhutanese students of 15 and 16 years old, said that Dhan Bahadur and Kishor seduced and raped them in Sunkosh promising to pay a sum of 10,000 Ngultrum. But, next day, when they were not paid, they asked a DCM Truck driver for a lift to Dagapela. Again, they were raped by the truck owner and his assistant on their way.

Both the girls had been missing since October 07 from their school. On October 13, Police had found them at Gantikhola and handed over to their parents.

The girls are attending school and the investigation is underway.


2 Responses

  1. So, the victims are “Bhutanese” and the culprits are “Lhotsampas”? Can we get some consistencies here, please? Isn’t your headline implying that Lhotsampas are not Bhutanese?

    Can we not leave out ethnicities or groupings when reporting except when those qualifiers are the center-piece?

  2. Dear Editor,
    I feel the word Lhotsampas in your news is discriminatory. The kuensel did not mention the names of those people by race, they have written the name of the criminals and their professions who raped the innocent girls.

    Sometimes, the Bhutanese media does respect the identity and we may have to learn the good part from them. The world will also judge us from our approach and our credibility.
    Since this website is new and many people are popping in, I feel it is necessary to be very fair on how you potray to the world. There may come a time that you will approach organisations for help, nomination for recognition and acceptance to certian media circle.

    I don’t know much about media but if you also acknowledge kuenselonline or say reproduction, this may be a better approach.
    This is my personal view only, if ofended I take my comment back.

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