Fraud Revealed in Refugee Registration

(Oct.20) Two non-Bhutanese are reported to have registered as refugees from Beldangi-I. Yam Bahadur Rai and his nephew Kirtiman Rai of Beldangi-I, Sector-D/4-hut numbers 268/9 have been deprived of their refugee status when two locals registered themselves through UNHCR as refugees. It is said that Dhan Bahadur Rai, another member of the same family, assisted the duo in the fraudulent act in partnership with an official of the Joint Verification Team (JVT).

Kirtiman, who returned to camp after his long stay outside, discovered after seven months that he and his uncle have been replaced by those non-refugees from the UNHCR registration records.

Rai  petitioned pleading the concerned authority that their case be taken seriously and  those culprits be punished before it is too late.

No investigation of the case has been initiated, instead, the Rai, the victim, has to visit District Administration office at Chandragadi, Jhapa repeatedly.


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  1. bhutanese can do the good programe in the united state of America. Iam from Newhamisphere to write this commont. Here also we celebrate programe in NH. Do your programe with happily and here we can also celebrate our culture. Culture cannot make a man Alsar. Bhutanese refugee can celebrate thier culture in all state. We hope in nepal ma also bhutanese can celebrate their culture. Hopping that to make a religions we should make our culture and we should celebrate together.Keep on touch to ur Culture
    Here in USA the time is busy and i can go to my Job

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