One Arrested in Beldangi camp

A joint team of Armed Police Force and Nepal Police arrested a Bhutanese refugee from Beldangi camp  on Tuesday,  20th October.  Bir Bahadur Subba, a resident of Beldangi 1 camp, sector G/2 Hut no. 165 was arrested citing his involvement in an underground outfit that has been threatening the refugees who opt for third country resettlement .

It is learnt that Subba was arrested along with three other youths when he was with friends playing Deusi Bhaili at his neighbor. Investigation from police revealed that those three were innocent and only visited Subba’s house for the purpose of Deewali tika. He is the son of Ramesh Subba,former secy of Beldangi 1 Refugee camp.

Subba is currently being kept in custody in Damak Police station for further investigation where as his family has appealed the police for his release saying that he was innocent and didn’t have link with any of the outfits that are active in the camps.


One Response

  1. The police did brave job arresting the criminal (s). The arrested criminals should not be released just because their relatives and supporters have requested the authority. They should be punished as per the law.

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