Orientation facilitator arrives in Australia

By Guna Majhi and Devi Ghimire.
Miss Chaulagain with resettled Bhutanese at the programOct 23. One of the cultural orientation facilitators for the resettlement of Bhutanese in Australia Miss. Neera Chaulagai has arrived in Melbourne today.  Speaking at an interaction program organized by the AMES settlement agency here in Melbourne, Miss. Chaulagain said that she was sent here by the office of the International Organization for Migration(IOM), Damak, to know the current situation of the Bhutanese resettled in Melbourne. Around 10 resettled Bhutanese attended the program that was organized basically to figure out the difficulties being faced by the Bhutanese after their settlement in this new country.

In the program, different individuals expressed their new experience and hardships they came across in the initial stage of their settlement. Mr. Ghanashyam Luitel, the first resettled Bhutanese in Melbourne said, “It is very tough for the newly arrived to find a good apartment in the beginning.” He also citited the lack of driving skill in  resettled Bhutanese as the barrier for employement.

Another senior member of the community Mr.Thakur Prashad Luitel clarified that communication gap developed among  different communities due to linguistic problem since English is still a far cry for some  resettled Bhutanese  here.

Bhuwani Shankar Acharya emphasized that Bhutanese people need bilingual teacher to learn English in Adult Migrant Education Program (AMEP) classes. He also stressed the need of teaching English language in the cultural orientation classes.

Almost all the resettled Bhutanese proposed more and more families including a priest be brought to Australia for the well fare of the community. They sent messages to their relatives and the well-wisher telling them to learn and develop the language and technological skills before leaving the camps.

In general, Neera Chaulagai informed that every effort is being made to improve the skills providing more vocational training to Bhutanese Refugee leaving for third countries in near future. She advised everyone to keep patient, continue learning language and develop the skills for better life in future
(The duo are the Bhutanusa correspondents in Melbourne, Australia)


2 Responses

  1. “Some people wants to make history and some headlines”. Who cares Nira Didi or Ka Kha Ga dai.

  2. Im glad to know about neera didi. I m likely to request to Bhutanese from Melbourne to request Neera to visit other part of Australia.

    thanks for your news

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