Three Refugee minors found in the Sex Business

Beldangi, Jhapa
Oct,24 Camp Management Committee (CMC), Sanischare has caught three refugee girls who are found to have involved in the sexual activities. All minors, these girls were nabbed from different places outside the camps while they were engaed in the illegal act of selling their bodies.

Parents of the convicts reported to the CMC when their daughters did not return home for three days and more. Having received the petition from them , CMC arranged for the spies in different hotels and restaurants of Biratnagar, Itahari, Dharan, Damak and Birtamode. D.B. Giurung.the co-ordinator of the committee reported that these three girls, all under aged, were arrested from these places who belong to the Bhutanese Refugee Camp. They were Moti Tamang and Gopimaya Darjee-16 of C/2; and Dolma Tamang-15 of J/1 of Sanischare Camp.

They confessed that they were all enticed into these illegal business by Devi Gurung of Beldangi-2. They also disclosed that they earn 1000 to 5000 Nepalese currency each time they get into the business. According to the arrestees, all girls of their age or thereabouts who have dropped off their regular schooling from seven different camps have been in these line for long.

To one’s dismay, Nima Dolma Tamang also explained the fact that there is an organisation comprising of girls and women who have given to this illegal undertaking who generate money thereby to deposit into a common bank account created in the name of that group.

As per Tamang, the group travels from place to place satisfying the demanding needs of the hotels and restaurants. It is understood from miss Tamang that the mobile group is rendering services for their sex customers from Kakadvitta in the east to Dharan in the west.Tamang also accused Sapana Subaba of Sanischere and Anju and Manju Biswa of Beldangi camp of engaging them in the sex game themselves living in Itahari.

Now they are under the surveillance of the emergency watching committee of the camp and they are expected to be handed for further investigation to the camp management committee when the office opens on Monday.
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5 Responses

  1. should not be blamed. It just rewrote it with things unchanged. If we want to hide the names of the persons involved, then no newspaper in the world should mention anyone’s name ever. Why underages only should get special treatment? 16 year old teenaged girls are not babies and should take responsibilities for their actions.
    As a matter of fact, I admire for covering this news, because this will help many many other young girls and will save their lives. Now I am sure all refugees in Nepal know about this news and all of them will make sure their daughters are safe.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work.
    Shahid M.Pasha
    Westfield, Massaxhusetts, USA

    • what r u talking about

  2. Unbelievable! These underaged babies are turning into beaches in growing number. It’s all because of poverty. Let us hope that the mgmt. Commitee will bring them under control and will find out some more.

  3. When I read the news I felt same as previous commentator. I realize here that introduction of the person is kept secret though they may found guilty. So I think it is best idea for the person like you to take care about these things though the news might have published already.

  4. Dear editor,
    It could have been better had you not published the names of these girls. This will have negative touch in their future. Be it they were involved in sex marked on their own or were misled, their future should not be ruined.
    This news is already published in scores of other online media, we just rewrote it with things unchanged, quoting their sources. Thanks for the comment. Ed.

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