An exiled journo writes to UNHCR Official

(Oct.26) In a bid to drag the attention of the UNHCR towards some of the grave issues of the Bhutanese refugees, an exiled Bhutanese journalist has written a letter in his blog yesterday addressing to a Chief UNCHR official in Nepal. Mr. T.P Mishra,a resettled Bhutanese in New York, who edits his blog, has published the open letter.

Addressed to the UNHCR’s Nepal representative, Daisy Dale, the letter has charged UNHCR for turning its deaf ear towards the problems that developed recently and are prevalent in the refugee camps. Bringing forth some of the burning problems such as the registration of non Bhutanese in the camp, family split and feuds as a result of their resettlement and the recent announcement of the UN to cut down the food aid to the Bhutanese refugees, the journo, through this piece of note, has exhorted the concerned to address them before it is too late.

‘Infiltrations’ as he chose to say in his letter, has aggravated the situation. Genuine refugees have been replaced and thus displaced by other non-refugees who are taking advantages of the feeble sagacity and shrewdness in the management of the affairs as it is seen today. He acknowledged the success of the agency in resettling refugees while at the same time he looks critical of the agency for not being able to address those burning issues of refugee camps in time.

In his letter he looks serious in reminding the agency stating that there is still time to contemplate on these matters towards finding lasting solution. Refugees, on the other hand are scared as they are bound to live their lives in the parsimonious ration-distribution plan formulated by the UN recently. Children with their uncertain futures and having nowhere to go, adults desperately longing to get repatriated, youths fleeing camps to escape their dire financial necessities, outsiders invading and exploiting refugees-there is already devastating fire spread among refugees and the move to reduce food stuff, no doubts, adds insult to injuries. Mentioning all these problems, Mr. Mishra has urged the humanitarian agency(who in the current situation seems a mere spectator) to pay heed towards their seriousness.

In the words of this journo, cutting down ration is not the solution for UNHCR to end this protracted crisis that has been a burden for years now. Instead, he says, prudent decision will be to workout the solution.

Mr. Mishra is the president of the Bhutan chapter of the Third World Media and a reporter of BNS, a exiled Bhutanese news agency.


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