GBBC hosts its first cultural show.

Boston,MA.(Oct. 25) Greater Boston Bhutanese Community (GBBC), a newly formed non profit organization of the resettled Bhutanese in Boston,MA performed a cultural show today.The program started at 12 noon on Sunday, the Oct. 25 that saw the presence of more than 200 resettled Bhutanese from Boston and its neighboring cities-Lynn,Chelsea,Lowell, Dochester, Concord(NH) and some 50 non-Bhutanese including Indians, Americans and the Nepalese.

The program started formally with the welcome speech from Yadav Adhikari preceded by attendees observing silence for the peace of the departed soul of Nandikishor Kharel, a young resettled Bhutanese who expired as a result of fatal cardiac arrest a few months ago.

Bhutanese gathered at the functionDancers, singers and various other Bhutanese geniuses demonstrated their best to stir the attention and excitement in people who had gathered to have the taste of Nepaliness in a land so different than what they were known to for ages. Anu Rai,a resettled Bhutanese artist energized the whole crowd with her dance performance in “aaja baarahate……”, a song with Nepali cultural elements in it. Mani Biswa with his melodious singing of “Hera na Hera Sathi” thrilled everyone to bits. GBBC invited individuals from different organizations of the region who came as guests and gave their valuable speeches.

One of the active members, Rakesh Kafle, brought to the lime light the aims and objectives of the group to march ahead for the common cause of the Bhutanese in this eastern US state in the days to come.

Speaking at the event,Utsav Gurung of Greater Boston Nepali Community said, “We will maintain the long-existing tradition of offering mutual help and support the group in every respect of preserving and maintaining Nepali culture and tradition”. Representative of the Boston Chapter of Sewa International, Dhananjaya also gave his worthy words in the function.

Two hours from 12:00 to 2:00 PM was time for cultural shows and speeches while after 2:00 PM everybody shared their love in the delicious Nepali cuisine like Roti (circular bread) for an hour.

The most attractive scene to see in the program was resettled Bhutanese with their dhaura-shuruwal and dhaka topi (Nepali cap) which are the typical attires of the Nepali tradition . The credit for running the program to its success goes to the announcers duo Rakesh Kafle and Mani Biswa. A senior Bhutanese member of the area chaired the program.

The cultural show was scheduled earlier to take place on sunday on the occasion of Dipawali but some technical problems popped up that made the program to be postponed.
(Based on the information provided by our Boston correspondent)

click here for more photos


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