Three Speedy cars hit a Bhutanese lady.

Narvada Timsina
(Updated)(Oct. 28): From family source it is learnt that only one vehicle was involved in the accident.

(Oct. 27) BREAKING NEWS: Three speedy cars hit and severely injured Narvada Timsina,a 23 years old Bhutanese in Kent city,WA, today at 5:30 AM(PST),according to Gopi Dhaurali, their relative from Seatle. Miss Timsina was on the way to her work when the cars knocked her down at 22400 block of the Benson Highway, just a few meters away from her apartment.

She was immediately taken to the Harborview Hospital located in the Down Town Seatle. She suffers multiple injuries all over her body and so condition is learnt to be critical.

Miss Timsina,the daughter of Moti Khar Timsina, resettled in Kencity, Wahington in 2008 from the Bhutanese refugee camp Beldangi-1(sector A/2), Jhapa, Nepal was working at a local Packaging Factory.

The last driver who hit this lady in the middle of this five-lane road surrendered before the authority while rest two of the drivers involved are still at large.

Narvada is the grand daughter of Dhanapati Adhikari, the former secretary of Bhutanese refugee camp Bledangi-2.


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  1. i am sorry to heare this news.i hope god will bless him

  2. I am angry to read comments made by “Eye Lence”, who has offered the accident victim Miss Narvada Timsina a pair of eye glasses.

    The person “Eye Lence”, also has suggested Miss Narvada Tismina to watch and keep her eyes opened before crossing a road, in future. In other words, this person has said to the accident victim,”Do not be blind, it was all your fault because you were not watching the traffic, and I will buy you eye glasses, because something is wrong with your eyes”.

    I am so angry to read this comment that I feel like giving a full forced Jhaappar (Slap) to this person who has made fun of Miss Narvada Tismina. But I will not do that for three reasons:
    1: I do not know who this sicko is and where he/she is from.
    2: I do not want to bring myself down to his/her low level.
    3: I do not want to go to jail for assaulting, kicking and slapping this sick and mentally retarded person.

    People all around the world are sending sympathy messages to Miss Narvada Tismina and her family and this sicko is being sarcastic, making jokes and blaming the victim for the accident?????

    The victim is totally innocent, and it was not her fault. She apparently rushed to catch the bus because she did not want to miss it and did not want to be late for her work.

    Technically, she should never have crossed the 5-lane busy highway (Or local road) in any circumstanes, and should have used marked cross walk for padestarians. But, at that time she did not realiz she could get hit by cars. Obviously, she could not see speeding cars coming towards her. This is why we call incidents like these “Accidents”.

    We all, soetimes make stupid mistakes and get into some kind of accidents, but it is cruel to make comments like this sicko has made, and blamed her for the accident while she is still at her hospital bed fighting for her life.

    May be auto insurance company will try to blame the victim for the accident and will refuse to cover her medical bills. But I am sure her medical bills, eventually, will be paid by insurance company somehow.

    One of my co-workers got hit by a speeding car in a almost same way as Miss Narvada Tisnima did. The auto insurance company initially refused to compensate him because he did not cross the road on a marked crosswalk for padestarins, but when my co-worker’s lawyer threatenned to take the matter to the court, the insurance company agreed to pay all of his medical bills, loss of wages, and a large sum (Cash) as compensation for his injuries and emotional trauma.

    There is a lesson for all the readers to learn: Never cross any road, street or highway from any where except marked lanes of a crosswalk.

    I am still praying for Miss Narvada Tisnima’s speedy recovery and I request all the readers to continue praying for her speedy and full recovery.

    Shahid M. Pasha, Westfield, Massacusetts, 01085, USA

  3. i am so sorry to hear this message.i help to buye a duble lance glass with power with 10.25 mega fexal lance glass i am sorryyyyyyyyyyyy sister cross before watch the traffice

  4. i am very sorry to hear the news of Narbada.god blees you and your family.

  5. i am so sorry to hear the news of Narbada.god bless you and your family.

  6. I m really socked by the news of Narbada sis . I would like to pray to the almighty god for soon recovery. God bless u .

    me Dinesh from kathmandu.

  7. I am deeply shocked by the news that miss narvada had fall on accident.I pray to the god,almighty for her quick recovery.

    may the almighty god bless her soon for recovery.

    Bhim Dahal

  8. I am very sorry to hear this news. Its is very bad news for all the Bhutanese people so we heartily pray to our Jesus Christ for speedy recovery.

  9. I am very much sad to hear about the accident of Narbada. I pary to omnipresent god for her fast recovery. I also pray to god to make his faimily fine and happy soon. And say to his brother Jivan not to be so sad because she will be fine soon. God will help you.


  11. I am shocked to hear the news of Narvada’s accident. I pray for her quick recovery. Let her sister Bhakti and all the family members be blessed so that they can still remain happy and gain courage to tackle this fateful event. I am extremely happy to hear about her improvement. Thanks

  12. God still leave me in this world to see Narvada in us … she will be fine ….

  13. It is aewsome to learn about the recovery and her out of danger condition.I pray for the same as other thats hope of soon well her heath condition.Okay but I was shocked how dare many cars hit at once her.Hope the god listen myu prayer.


  15. Good News: Yestrday, at about 1:30 P.M. (Massachusetts, USA time), I called Intensive Care Unit, Harborview Medical Center, Kent, Washington, to learn Miss Narmada Timsina’s condition. At her bed, some woman (probably Miss Narmada Timsina’s relative) picked up the phone and spoke Nepalese. After realizing that I did not know Nepalese, she told me in English that Narmada was feeling much better. I was gald to learn that she is out of danger now.

    God has answered prayers of all of us. I hope Narmada Timsina will be able to go home soon and will start her job in near future.

    I am so glad and just wanted to share this good news with other readers.

    I suggest all members of Bhutanese/Nepalese community from all over the United States and around the world, offer financial, social or whatever help they can offer. This is the time, we can let Miss Narmada Timsina and her family know that they are not alone, but we all are with them and care about her.

    Shahid M. Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA

  16. Im so sad to hear this bad news of so sorry . she is my classmate.i pray my almight god to recover soon.

    • im glad because her health condition is improving.
      thanks god

  17. This specially goes to the family of Narbada and her—-
    ” I pray to the god Jesus for her soon recovery and also pray for the god to give the power of self confidence for her family.”She is the child of Jesus. So jesus will help her.Lets all of us trust in Jesus.

  18. iam so sorry to hear the news of Narbada Timsina .she is my roommate .i pray to her speedy recovery and i hope she will servive and get better soon.

  19. Obviously everyone is shocked by this news. It is obvious that she is now in critical stage. It is not the time to comment who is she and whose grand daughter or daughter is she. It is the time to concern about her future. Doesn’t matter if she isn’t the daughter or grand daughter of Dhanapati Adhikari. She is Nepali speaking Bhutanese and one of the rational animal. It is time for us to appeal to the concern athourities demanding her fast recovery and to have the right compensation so that she won’t have to live miserable life in future. It will atleast help her try to forget one big storm in her life time.

  20. i am very very sad to hear this news.

  21. obviously this is shocking news to all people with out any races restriction and i am praying for her recovery.

    I do shock by fews comments above, i don’t know what writer means why we should have to raise the voice for this event, do we are still with the same philosophy?

    And Mr.John for your kind information and as being crew member of this blog i would like say that she is the grand daughter of Dhanpati Adhikari and thank you so much for comments and let you know we are posting the facts, more effective facts rather then others. We really apperciate and thankful for ur patience Mr. Shahid M. Pasha.

  22. obviously this is a shocking news to everyone regardless of any races,tribes, restriction. i am praying for her recovery.
    And Mr.John for your kind information, i would like to say that she is the grand daughter of Dhanpati Adhikari but it doen’s matter who is her grand dad or dad at present but what matters here at this moment is how her condition can be improved.thats it.

  23. I am deeply shocked by the news that miss narvada had fall on accident.I pray to the god,as she will recover soon.

  24. I am extremely hurt by the news that Nervada Timsina is hit by cars. One after another, such accidents are taking place in different parts. Bhutanese community in Washington should raise voice against this event and help the victimised family in getting out of this trouble.
    I pray with the God for her early recovery.

  25. i m sorry.

  26. I am not even a Bhutanese or Nepali but I am terribly sad to learn the news of this young lady’s accident. Some readers are debating over whos daughter or grand daughter is she. But I think the victim should be treated as human, not as someone from Beldangi-2. Miss Narabada is a daughter of whole Bhutanese/Nepalese community and all of us should pray for her speedy recovery.
    This is not the right time to argue over her being daughter of Narapati Adhikari or being grand aughter of him. Miss Narvada is completley unknown and starnger to me but she is in my prayers. I hope she will survive and get better soon.
    Shahid M. Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA

  27. Im really socked by the news of Narbada. I would like to bray to the almighty god for soon recovery.



  29. “Naravada is the grand daughter of Dhanapati Adhikari, the former secretary of Bhutanese refugee camp Bledangi-2.”
    What is this mean?I don’t think that narvada is daughter of Dhanpati Adhikari?Try to post the fact news la.

    • john ji
      ur too don’t think narvada is daughter of Danapati Adhikari like u. try to comment the fact la.she is the granddaughter of HIM.till date is accountable of every news coverages.

  30. I am so sorry to hear the news of Narbada, Hope she will be fine soon and i am pary for the early recovary. Thank you

  31. We are very sorry to hear the mishaps caused to Narvada. We pray for her speedy recovery.

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