Bhutanese See Early Snowfall in Colorado

BhutaneseBhutanese plodding their way home in the snow/ photo: Promod plodding their way home in the snow/ photo: Promod

Bhutanese plodding their way home in the snow/ photo: Promod

Denver, Colorado
Oct. 28 Started late on Tuesday night, heavy snowfall has transformed almost all of Colorado into an icy surfaces. Four to six inches of innitial accumulation of the ice in and around Denver, though regarded moderate here, is a big thing to see for resettled Bhutanese. For most of these people, this is the first time they have ever touched snow in their lives.

Gripped by early snowstorm, life has been quite difficult for people who do not know much as to how they should react to these change of weather. Although it is interesting to play in the snow outside, life is uneasy for Bhutanese, as it is for others, to go to their regular duties like jobs, schools and orientation classes. luckily,schools are at winter break and kids do not have to suffer the chill outside.

Most of the Bhutanese here do not know how long this will continue and there will be shortage of food stuffs as transportation and markets may go without services in case the snowstorm continues at this rate of 2 inch per hour. As winter begins, one is expected to hoard food items for that emergency period. This winter storm is said to dump up some around 5 to 10 inches of snow by Thursday.

This snow-clad area in Denver is home for many Bhutanese

This snow-clad area in Denver is home for many Bhutanese

Temperatures are down to 22 degrees Fahrenheit which, according to Colorado Weather Forecast will go further down to 19 degrees. Roads already have heap of snow which makes it harder for drivers to trace their ways to and from their duties as it is slushy and slippery to drive on. Clean up crews are already at work but the heavy precipitation covers roads, market places and residential areas to the extend that people coming out of the house is a rare scene. Heavier equipments like loaders, graders or snow blowers don’t have to be exploited yet. Reports are that there has not been energy outages in the cities yet.

Weather is as dynamic as its topography and demography in Colorado. One can experience different weather conditions with in a day.


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