Narvada’s Condition Improves Significantly

(Oct.29) Timsina Family has informed us that a significant improvement has been seen in the health condition of Narvada Timsina, who met with a terrible road accident two days ago in Kent, Seattle. Speaking with our New Hampshire correspondent, Mr. Sapan Pathak,over telephone, victim’s sister Miss Bhakti Timsina said that her (Narvada’s) intestinal surgery was successfully completed yesterday and doctor has assured them she is totally out of danger now.

Her fractured leg bones were plastered yesterday and her CT scan reports also read positive which indicates normal functioning of her brain. Narvada has started showing slow responses to the calls from her family members and nurses in the hospital.

It is also learnt from Bhakti that neither the vehicle involved in the accident has been found with valid auto insurance nor does the driver speak English clearly which further seems to complicate the legal procedures of compensation to the victim.

Miss Timsina is undergoing treatment at Harbor View Hospital, Seattle.


11 Responses

  1. Thank God! she is out of danger. Let’s us all pray for her speedy recovery.
    Get well soon Nari

  2. this is very good news to hard .i was so happy to be know that her health has improve .i am happy thank god

  3. I am glad that miss.Narvada is out of danger.Definately, well-wishers like you, like us, adds more strength for the speedy and drastic recovery. Especially, I would like to thank Mr.Sahid M Pasha for his prayers to lord Allah for the quick recovery of Miss Narvada.Mr Pasha, You don’t have to be a Hindu or a Buddhist to pray for someone who is in dire need of the wishes and prayers. I have been noticing you and your comments since the mishap took place and find you as an outstanding personality. At the time when a human is in need, we should not put our religion in the middle.Personally, the only religion I believes in at the situation of “Life or Death” is Humankind.Anyway; I really appreciate your involvement and your wishes. Hats off to you my friend.
    Though I don’t know Mr.Nabin personally but I want to say something about his post. In my perception, I don’t think a leader is worth of assuring compensation to the victim. Neither the leader nor anyone can console you in the third countries unless you possess something concrete and authentic to go and file your case. I have a lively example to this. Few months ago my mother met with a terrible car accident here in Dallas, Texas.The only task I did was took my mother to a Hospital because nothing is greater than health. Finally, I was called for an interview with a lawyer along with my mother after a month since the accident to get informed about medical bills chiropractic bills, and finally compensation. Likewise the procedure went for one more month and at the beginning of the next month she was called to sign for the checks of compensation. It is not like you got to have someone like your leader to advocate for you without any proof.Crucially, first step to apply for the amenities to the victim will be collecting information about the mishap. I cherish hope that the concern authority involved will be able find out the drivers involved in the melancholy mishap and take the necessary action to assure the victim for the compensation.

    Contrary to the topic, I would like to inform all the Bhutanese folks who were once was a student, a teacher or a head teacher of Green Vale Academy to join a group named “Green Vale Academy” created by my friend, now a waving-friend, Deependra Baral from Austrailia.You cannot join this group unless you have an account on FACEBOOK.This is an internet based group created to make a web among all the students and teachers scattered in different countries around the cosmos. For the new facebook users, after you create an account, on the search button, type Green Vale Academy and click on go button. After it display the group without a photo, click on “join this group”button.My request for you is please not just join the group, but share your feelings.Also, you can share a story that had happened to you once when you were a teacher or a stuedentThe most interesting part of the group is you will get a good chance to comments on your friend’s posts and convey your message to your friend. For your kind information, we (Deependra and I) have posted a topic “Narvada Timsina’s car mishap” on the discussion board on facebook.Come all! Let us join the group and share our thoughts and ideas.

    Get well soon Narvada!
    Your friends
    Lachu from Dallas
    Deependra from Austrailia.

  4. I like to thank you “” correspondant, Mr. Sapan Pathak, for contacting victim’s sister Miss Bhakti Timsina, over the phone to receive detailes on victim’s current medical condition for all the readers. Not only that “”s correspondant also informed readers that the driver who hit the vixtim, had no insurance and spoke a little English.

    The readers all around the world were dying to get information on the victim’s current medical condition, and Mr. Sapan Pathak got us what we the readers were looking for so badly. I am encouraged to see that “” has shown its solidarity and its contact with its readers and Bhutanese/Nepalese commuity, and has done exactly what its readers expected from it. We, the readers, would never had ever been able to learn victim’s current condition without “” correspodant’s hard work.

    Many other newspapers just printed few lines on this accident and then this was the end of the story. But “Bhutanusa” did not just cover the story, but has done a lot more than that, and kept its readers informed on every step of the way.

    In my opinion, “Bhutanusa”s correspondant , Mr. Sapan Pathak is a hero, and I thank him for doing a great job.

    Yes, I am an outsider, because I am not a Bhutanese or Nepalese. I am a Pakistani-American, but I do not have to be Bhutanese or Nepalese to read “Bhutanusa’. I do not have to be a Bhutanese or Nepalese to wish well for an innocent Bhutanese victim. Yes, I am not a Hindu like most Bhutanese or Nepalese are. I am a Muslim, but I think I did the right thing to pray to my Allah for speedy recovery of this hardworking young innocent victim who was on her way to work at about 5:00 A.M., when most of us were sleeping, and got hit.

    I felt so bad after reading the news of the accident that I just could not stop myself from calling the Harbor View Medical Center, Seattle’s ICU unit and speaking with victim’s sister to wish victim’s speedy recovery.

    I salute “” for doing a great job. I think Bhutanese/Nepalese people are lucky to have such a great on line newspaper like “”.

    Keep up the good work “”.

    Mr. Shahid Mohammad Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA

  5. hi Naru you are improving .that’s sounds good. God bless you and your family too.take care naru.

  6. I wanna wish her further improvement in her health.I was really shocked to hear about the bad accident of narvada. i want to expressed grief sympathy on her and her family too. Thanks God you save narvada life.Take care.

  7. Oh! really? Sounds good that she’s out of danger. I was really overwhelmed when I heard about her accident. This is what we have to say “Miracles”. Thanks to those who have worked actively to save her life. Still there are challenges to deal regarding the incident. The question about whether she will get proper compensation or not is what we have to think as a challenge. At this moment where is so-called leaders ha?? where are they?? I wanna hear something about them…Hey! so-called leaders, now, it is your turn to raise voice for her betterments. Wake up leaders!!!!!! don’t fell in deep sleep when problem arise…..don’t be annoyed….by my comments
    kind regard

  8. dear sister,
    I am really happy and i cant express my happiness in this situtaion ……………because lots of improvement in her health and i always pray for the god to improve her health as soon as .Being a bhutanese i really shocked to hear about the very bad accidents of sis Narvad’s.Ihope that she will be able soon because god bless her in an everysteps of her life.

  9. I am so much happy to hear that she is getting better.Thank god! for saving her life.We love you so much Naru! We like you to get well soon.
    take care n improve your condition magestically!

  10. ” thank god to know narvada’s improvement … its really good” we all wish her better improvement. GOD BLESS U WITH ALL OF HIS MIRACLES ” LOVE U BUNU..TAKE CARE

  11. I wana wish her further betterments and improvements in her life. I was really shocked to hear about the bad accident of Naru. She is one of my friends. Thanks God, you saved her….Take care Naru!

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