BMS voice reaches again in all camps.

(Oct.31) Bhutan Media Society(BMS) has started relaying its  radio broadcast ‘Saranarthi Sarokaar’ to  the eastern parts of Nepal. According to a press release by the Society, this weekly program is now on air in 95.1 MHz of Ganatantra F.M. Dharan,beginning October 18. 

A few dedicated, motivated and enthusiastic Bhutanese youths facilitated the beginning of the program for the first time from Nepal F.M. three years ago. Since then the radio transmission of  this presentation was limited to the Kathmandu Valley and its adjacent districts. Now, viewing the need to directly benefit Bhutanese refugees living in seven different camps in eastern Nepal, BMS has started broadcasting the program in eastern Nepal.

Sarokar team in Nepal FM Studio

Sarokar team in Nepal FM Studio(Photo/BNS)

It is mentioned in the release, ” With the help of satellite transmission, Saranarthi Sarokaar, which was only limited to the broadcasting frequency of Nepal F.M. (Ktm) before, is now made easier to be listened to from Ganatantra F.M., Dharan”. BMS  mentions that one can now listen to  Saaranarthi Sarokaar from all seven refugee camps, some Indian districts and from Indo-Bhutan boarder areas  as well.

Beside  focusing on the sufferings undergone by the Bhutanese as a result of their eviction from Bhutan, the program has been highlighting issues like recent updates on refugee activities, history (of Bhutan and Bhutanese), the role of press media and post- resettlement  reports.

Ganga Neupaney, a resettled Bhutanese from Arizona, USA has assured  that she will provide partial financial support required  to run the program for six months. In order to make the program accessible to Bhutanese scattered around the globe,, an online radio has also been initiated.

Popular among refugees, ‘Saranarthi Sarokar’ was broadcasted from Pathivara F.M (Jhapa) for four months last year. ‘But due to the insufficient funds, the program had to be stopped’, said Vidya Pati Mishra, producer of the program.

“If we can mobilize US $ 100 every month,  we can offer quality programs from both the radios’. Mishra said.

(Based on the press release sent to us by  Mr. Vidhyapati Mishra)


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  1. ok itz iz good

  2. Dear sir,
    Please correct Ganatantra Frequency as 95.1 unlike what is written in your site. Regards

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