साहित्यिक सनिबार

“भो अब एक्लै जिउन देउ मलाई
डम्बर बस्नेत
तिम्रो प्रेम मलाई हात कडी झै हुनु छ भने
रात दिन यसरि नै रुनु छ भने
के गर्छौ प्रिय यो गरीबको भलाई
भो अब एक्लै जिउन देउ मलाई

निस्ठुर सम्झी फोटो पनि च्यातीन्छ भने
सम बन्ध्को डोरी काटिन्छ भने,
लभ लेटर थुपारेर कोरिदेउ सलाई
भो अब एक्लै जिउन देउ मलाई

प्रेम पैसामा तुलना गरिन्छ भने
धोका र चोट्ले नै त्यहाँ मरिन्छ भने
थकान मात्र यो प्रेम तिम्रै होस भलाई
भो अब एक्लै जिउन देउ मलाई।


4 Responses

  1. pretty good.

  2. dear damber sir
    i read ur poem this is very good n pain full for all the people heart
    the people who depart from bangabazar to make for that remarkable for depart between likke peir of dofe
    so i fully conscent to u whereas ur bpoem is good heart pain ful n also we wise ur best to extend ur poem forther
    regarded by

  3. Hi Damber Sir.
    I liked your poem.It is really heart touching for those who have faced tragedy in love[ like me].I hope to read your poems in coming days too.By the ways how are the days gonna?

  4. Damber je from Khudunabari ho?
    Hi sir,
    Your peom is real gud,Last time also i liked it and this is also good.You are a good poet.Please write some more..sir i would like to talk you but i don’t have your phone number.Any way i will see u later.

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