Bhutanese in Tucson Attend free Health Fair

(Nov.01) Resettled Bhutanese in Tucson, Arizona attended historical Refugee health fair sponsored by more than a dozen local organizations and agencies in the region, Saturday.

The three-hour fair was aimed at providing free health screening and awareness to the refugee population there. Among an estimated 500 people who attended the program, about 150 were Bhutanese. Of the 19 interpreters in seven different languages, Bishnu Tiwari, a Bhutanese resettled in Tucson a year ago, was one to volunteer in the fair.

Devi B. Adhikari, who is a member of Bhutanese Mutual Assistance Association of Tucson said, “Our community is very new to this place” adding “People back at home were used to living in a community, but here we are scattered all over Tucson.”

The venue for the fair was the courtyard of the Martha Cooper Branch Library on North Catalina Avenue. The Arizona Cancer Center, Department of Economic Security, UA College of Pharmacy, UA Nutrition Club, Blake Foundation, Tucson Downtown Lions Club, Refugee Harvesting Network, Ask a Pharmacist, Emerge! Center Against Domestic Violence, Tucson Birth Center and YMCA are the organizations who were involved in refugee health screening that included screening for heart and lung health, vision, hearing, and mental health screening for anxiety and depression.

Reports by our Arizona correspondent read that UA students collected more than 10,000 diapers for refugee families with young children. It is also understood that on-site volunteer services were also rendered by UA students who also helped refugees with transportation fare needed to attend the fair.

Health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, anxiety and depression, which the organizers of the program have predicted to be common among refugees, were paid greater attention to during the screening session.

Tucson is now home for some around 300 Bhutanese who became the victims of ethnic cleansing policy adopted in the early 90s by the government of Bhutan.


2 Responses

  1. All the bhutanese those get chance to attend that function are furtunate. its goods news to all the bhutanese & in the days we all the resetled bhutanese aspect the same.
    Thank you for support from myside as well as from all bhutanese.

  2. Good to hear abt Health Centre,I wish for run Smoothly,

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