Earth Quake Damages Hundred Houses

(Oct., 31) Around hundred houses were reported to have been damaged in Eastern districts of Trashigang and Mongar by Thurday’s earth quake in Bhutan.Though reported to have claimed no lives, it is said to have further weakened the structures damaged by the September 21 quake that shook Narang some 15 k.m. north of Monger. writes the earthquake had its epicenter in Monger, close to the Trashigang border but the people in capital Thimphu, 180 K.M. away from the spot, could feel the tremor as well. 72 houses including those partly destroyed in the September quake were affected in all . A primary school in Chimung gewog is also known to have been defaced badly.

Nation’s Department of Geology brought forth the reason for this time’s shaking of the part of land in the eastern region. As the online news portal writes geologists are said to have found out that two massive blocks viz. Indian and Eurasian plates far below the surface of the earth, move sideways instead of moving against each other thus causing this 5.2 Richter scale quake.

This earthquake is measured 32 times weaker than 6.1 September quake which had caused loss of lives, land and property to a much greater extent.


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