Puja performed in Bumthang for quake victims

Government and private sector employees in Bumthang came together at the Wangdichholing Hospital ground to perform a three-day Puja, coinciding with the Coronation of 5th Druk Gyalpo.
Three pandits performing the three-day puja read prayers from the Bhagawat, Bedh, Chandi and Rudri mantras, which was followed by the lighting of 1,000 butter lamps.

“This type of puja and prayers will not only bring blessing to all the sentient beings but also prevent natural calamities effecting every one of us in the country,” said one of the organizers. “It was also organized to provide spiritual support to the victims of the two recent earthquakes that hit the eastern dzongkhags.”

The puja concluded yesterday.

(Source: Kuenselonline.com)


3 Responses

  1. what a nonsense. I come to hear, that the Bhutan Government performed puja and chanted mantras is not this the new era??? How can they prevent natural disaster??? as it already took place, many had loss their lives, can the performing puja brings back the life who have been victim during the earthquake?????what I comment is that, it was better to feed and manage the needs towards the injured people, what I think is that, it is the curse from above for not returning back his people.
    For the Heavenly Father knows how the refugees are surviving in camps. what I say is that it is only the begining the dreadful one is yet to come so watch out U WANGCHUK DYNASTIES

  2. Puja and chanting mantras will not prevent earthquake. What a fool government! Introduce new technology to fight against such disastars. Waste not the time by chanting mantras.

    • that is good bhai la

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