साहित्यिक सनिबार


Thugten Dorjee Drukpa
(Nykobing Mors, Denmark)

I salute the talents of the scarifying hearts

For wasting their noteworthy time,

To end the disgrace of the tyranny;

To un-turn the yoke of wild;

To bring the spring in the barren land,

And to raise the head up- to be human,

All the people perceive them not,

Aid them not, not at all, nor

They have bullet, canon and missile

To defend and to defeat them,

What they have I see is a single pen.

Yet they hold on fighting for their sake;-

Who were not, are, but will be mates.

What heart could endure all?

Such hardships escorted by none.

How such helpless soul could yearns for;-

To shoulder such a perilous task,

The task taken by the rare heart,

The task taken by the dare heart,

I salute them; to their divine heart;

That could alter the whole world.

The world of wild to the world of human;

Where you could find no dissent,

Only the domain of equality and freedom,

Where you could find peace and delight;

As the boon that could design;-

Same world to be live in heaven


7 Responses

  1. keep it up it touch my heart

  2. hi bhai iam in exteme glad to read ur poem in bhutanusa webiste.keep on writing this sorts of poem la.if time and luck both favour us we will meet through articles. develop the critical thinking in poem and write .write for culture and soverignity.

    • Hi prakash dai im thugten plz can i have ur email ID plz? reply is same hai
      Take care byeeee

  3. Hey Bro I salute you toooo…..keep it up and my hope can read some more from you

  4. devoted heart to the nation, still wana sacrify for the nation, still remember the nation being abroad…..thanx for ur great heart and broad mind…..miss u all the time and miss the childhood…keep up with good work…waitoing for ur sweet gazals too…
    Bhanu(ur fren)

  5. dear thupden….your article touched my heart…good job and keep on writing…..i miss you so much,,,,how is
    your gazal…….please post some gazals too la……
    i want to work with some gazals………write your email also la…….

    • dear nandiji, i do wanna be intouch with u. my e-mail is thugtenbro@yahoo.com. u may add this id so that we shall keep on touching each other. And share many more as much as we can in the days 2 come.

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