Bhutan to launch its first entertainment Magazine

Front page of Druk Trowa

(Nov. 07 ) Bhutan is going to launch the first issue of its first film and entertainment magazine on Monday, Oct. 9. Edited by Yagchen Dukpa, this biannual magazine, ‘Druk Trowa’ is expected  to promote and propagate the uniqueness of  the Bhutanese culture to a wider sphere.

According to the Kuensel, the first issue of the magazine introduces entertainment icons like actors, actresses, singers,dancers and the like, who have been in the glamor industry for long. Druk Trowa’s premier issue will feature individual personal interviews with these artists and their profiles.

Cut out pictures of some of the popular actors and actresses beside 17-page picture essay on 8th national film award in its glossy papers are other basics to come across as one skims through the pages of the magazine. A section in the paper will also discuss the movies that are under preparation.The team that comprises  seven members including the CEO, has aimed at having it published thrice a year from next year.

Druk Trowa  is printed in India and carries the monetary value of Nu. 100 per copy.

Entertainment industry in Bhutan is one of the youngest and it has many challenges to face and obstacles to overcome before it can enter international markets of competition.


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