Tasmanian Bhutanese form a Provisional committee

By Devi Ghimire and Guna Majhi:
Across the  Bass Strait, off  the southern coast of   Australian mainland and to the other side of Melbourne, there stands a small island of Tasmania which is now home for a small number of Bhutanese from the refugee camps in Nepal. First of November, 2009  came as a good day for Bhutanese at Hobart, the capital, on which they assembled to discuss the possible formation of an organization of the Bhutanese resettled there.  This left them with a temporary member committee that will work to formulate constitution and give the group  a permanent entity.

The discussion  took place at the  residence of Meg Nath Adhikari, who chaired the meeting,  at 8 Charles Street, Moonah in Hobart, the capital city of the island province.

Mr. Thir Bahadur Thapa  as the   president for the time being, the group finalized some of its aims and objectives. To work with community to form constitution and to incorporate it; to represent common interests of the people of Bhutanese origin and to promote and facilitate the settlement of  the Bhutanese in the area are few of the points discussed in the meeting that the new group will shoulder.

The gathering  also elected Mr. Chandra Chhetri as Vice President, Mr. Bhim Khatiwoda as Coordinator. Mr. Indra Khadka is chosen to act as  general secretary with  Hari Adhikari as his assistance. . Similarly, Arjun Niraula will coordinate  the activities related to youths and sports while Mrs Meena Khadka will work as cultural coordinator.

The advisory board of the ad hoc committee comprises Mr. Meg Nath Adhikari, Mr. Krishna Dabadi, Mrs. Kishori Thapa, Mrs. Laxmi Khatiwoda, Mrs. Goma Koirala,  Mr. Ambika Sharma, and Mr. Chandra Khadka. The board  brought out its immediate programs for formally implementing other policies of the committee and  decided to find  a right name for the group in the near future.

Approximately, 53 Bhutanese from 12 different families have been resettled in Hobart,Tasmania. It has been understood from  the reliable source that  18 more Bhutanese will be brought in for resettlement by December 2009.

Australia has proposed to  resettle 5000 Bhutanese refugees in about five years out of which around 960 people have already been resettled in different parts of the nation.
(The duo report from Melbourne, Australia)


5 Responses

  1. hemesh. very nice and goos news keep its up .nice one

  2. Bhim sir, Indra bhai and the entire team, it is a good beginning. Keep it up!


  4. This wesite is doing really a good thing. I hope it will be the best website for bhutanese if it work like this. I am very happy to know the news of bhutanese from the different part of the world.

    keep it up.

  5. Good news to hear. It’s a good idea to form a committee.

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