Bhutanese launch awareness campaign in Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia (Nov. o9)  Some five resettled Bhutanese representing their fellows from different countries here in Melbourne launched a three-day campaign as an effort to inform Bhutanese to help them assimilate to the new locality . The program was organized by AMES settlement agency of Australia in view of interacting  and sharing the cultural diversities among different communities resettled in this part of this continent country.

The campaign  started with a visit to the farm land areas at Bacchus Marsh in Victoria till to Lady North Cote, Rowsely in Victoria,  the allocated venue for the camp. It was arranged to bring awareness in the new immigrants about the Australian rules, regulations, and systems so as  to make their life easy and comfortable  in Australia.

Different personalities from different sectors were invited to participate in the stay. As a part of the program, people from different countries performed their cultural dances in their respective national dresses.

Meanwhile, immigrants had  opportunities to converse with Victorian Police Officers on the subjects  of  social security, laws and their roles as Australians. Australian Football League discussed  the popularity and importance of an Australian  game “footy” . The participants had enough entertainment with low rope, Swing, Archery and Swimming.

Mr. Jeewan Majhi, Mr. Puspa Acharya, Mr. Sekhar Acharya, Mr. Dilliram Siwakoti and Mr. Tara Nidhi Dhal were the five participants who represented the resettled Bhutanese of Melbourne.  Among them, Mr. Sekhar Acharya presented on future opportunities, challenges and scope in Australia as they resettle in the new home land.

About thousand Bhutanese from refugee camps in Nepal have so far been relocated in Australia.
(Guna and Devi Ghimire from Melobourne.)


2 Responses

  1. It’s good to hear. We some guys from Different Country are working for Diversity and last year we organize three days summer camp, where we have student from different 10 Countries. Which is really amazing.

  2. The Aid of Australian government is a good news. I am glad to know that you(Resettled Bhutanese) are doing well getting together and performing different activities. Keep on doing .Keep your steps ahead. Success is on your finger tips.
    I have some of my friends (Devi Ghimire, Churamuni Sapkota, Hari Dai, R. K Guragai, Kedar sapkota ) whom I have not been able to contact . Could you please write me atleast some words in this id : ? So that we won’t be away from each other.

    Hom Pokhrel
    North Dakota, USA.

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