A Bhutanese woman’s body found in Goldhap.

Residents in Goldhap camp have discovered a body of a Bhutanese refugee woman dumped and deserted at a nearby Deuniya River yesterday.The deceased who seems to be in her early thirty was identified as Amrita Darjee from Bhutanese refugee camp,Goldhap, Sector D/1 hut no. 04, under Jhapa district in Eastern Nepal.

Considering the nature of the scene, the authority has suspected the victim to have been raped, gagged and subsequently killed by some hooligans.

Mother of three under-aged children, late Amrita was learnt to be an alcoholic, the fact that has further mystified the incident. The body has been taken for postmortem and the investigation is under way.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident, Jit Bahadur Gurung, another Bhutanese refugee residing in Khudunabari camp, Sector B/1 hut no.26 was killed on Sunday, in Butwal , a city lying some 650 KMs west of the  camp. Gurung had been to there some months ago looking for some jobs.

The cause of his death has not been confirmed, however, a website(titopiromitho.com) from Damak has quoted Khudunabari camp secretary as saying that the man died when a huge electricity pole fell upon him while he was installing the cables there.


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  1. hey its very heard to listen this news by the bhutanese community . iam really heartfelt to her and her family too.i hope god bless her sprit soul peace in haven . and the most imortant thing is that the nepalese governet have look farward that case and punish them.

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