एक गजल

Thupten Dorje Dukpa

(थुक्तेन दोर्जे ड्रूक्पा)
कर्मभूमी नेपाल आमा भूटान अरे देश्,
देश बिहिन हुनु भन्द नजन्मेको बेश्।

बुढा-बुढी कुरा गर्छन केटा केटी सुन्छन्,
शहर बजार जांदा पनि चहिन्थ्यो रे भेष्।

जन्जिर यहाँ छैन त्यस्तो स्वतन्त्र छ देश्,
गहना हो छोरी चेली नकट्नु है केश्।

दासत्वको घिऊ खाई जिउँदै मर्नु भन्दा,
ढिडो,सिस्नो,गुन्द्रुक हजूर पाए खानु मेश्।

जुटौं साथी गरौं कर्म देशको मुहार फेर्न,
ढल्दैछ है निरङ्कुश्ता एकदिन बन्छ सेश।

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14 Responses

  1. The gajal carries the reality and reflects the saying “Mother and motherland are greater than heaven” doesnot matter where ever we live around the globe. Anyway Thrubten G keep on writing as your writing demonstratesa a very good skill and creativity.
    Please provide us to read with more Gajals in some more days to come.

  2. hai
    ur growing up hai … keeep on riting
    ur fren suraj

  3. hi bhai keep on writing the gazals.thank u

  4. Bhai gajal sarai mitho lagyo.gajalma aam bhutaneeko vedana
    urlieko cha.yasto mahan karyalai jari rakhnuhos mero shuva kamana chha.
    my email id: hnepal70@yahoo.com

  5. Tthugten ji, best creation,very nice,keep on trying

  6. outstanding Gajal dai , i have all ears to hear your articles. share moe in future..

  7. dai dami cha hi ..i like this ..try to post more hi dai…we r eager to read more of this types of stuff…

  8. wow thugten ji.u have extra mind.still u r writing beautiful gajal.keep it up.

  9. l love your gazal thubden ji……appreciated,,,,,keep on writing………

  10. Thukten Bhai
    Just Now, i have forwarded ur Gajal around the globe those in my email system,keep it up.you reveal the truth that more u stay out of your country more you will suffer.means love and affection of motherland.Bhutan, where county is messed up by the despotic rulers still date,therefore we need this type ahead from u bhai.i urge Bhutanusa.com team to prioritized the Gajal,kabita, muktak etc which has historically important and voices against the ruler.
    Portland State University

  11. i really appreciate the gazal of Thugten because ” your mother and mother land is the significent agent of your life”. so man keep it up ………. really awesome…………….

    • hello dude,
      I thougt we are from same place where the writer from but the word YOUR makes me feel sad. Do we are forgotting the story of land after landing some where. Not fair, one more sgguestion plz respect to them if they runs beyond ur expectation and power………

  12. Thupten bhai,the gajal carries real story…your pen is very smooth bhai.Keep on writting these stuffs always..write in english more then nepal ,thanks bhutanusa.com

  13. great work boy! you really have a broad mind and devoted soul to the nation. thankx for your suitable gazal. hope to read more in the days to come…..
    MA, USA

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