A single Bhutanese with too many geniuses

Rana Dhoj Yongyang

Rana Dhoj Yongyang

(Nov. 15) There are rare cases that a single person is embeded with too many skills to display dexterity in the field of sports. Amid this rarity has evolved a young Bhutanese who has demonstrated enough to be the subject of discussions in press and media.

Ran Bahadur Yongyang Subba, son of Ranadhoj and Runchimaya and a resident of Bhutanese refugee camp, Beldangi, sector B/2-210 has a lot of skills to perform in football, volleyball, cricket, badminton, table tennis and martial arts with excellence. He has demonstrated exquisitely in varous camp-based and out-of the camp competitons and has bagged many shields, awards and badges of honors.
Living as a refugee is not an easy job but Ran Bahadur transcended all barriers and obstacles to achieve his childhood dreams. He has challenged the old saying, “If wishes were horses begger could ride them”. While as a student at camp he had times learning a lot about sports and arts from his seniors and peers. Along with his desires to excel in sport he also mettled his best and completed his high school from Tri-Ratna Secondary school located in Beldangi-2. He went to further his education in Kumudini Homes, Kalimpong (India) where he got opportunities to learn from his Indian counterparts and teachers. Next, he continued his study and got his bachelor’s (B.Com) from North Bengal University, Siliguri.

Subba with his team in Kumudini Homes

Subba with his team in Kumudini Homes

Fanatic of the sports from the very young age, Ran Bahadur choses to say cricket as his best game. He claims that he is an all-rounder in the game as he has helped his team win different camp-level and other matches played out side camps.
He equally performs in football (soccer) as a defence and half line player. He has played this game in different places including his school in Kalimpong and other district-level matches in India not only to participate but to help his team win awards and medals. Mr Subba is a good performer in martial arts too. He is a green-belt achiever in karate.

Besides, he is an excellent dancer, a social worker, and a teacher of English for adults in camp.

Despite having all this skills in him, he expresses his bitterness of having to live without citizenship. “If I were a citizen, I would have better opportunities” Subba regreted. His last words for those who fail in life goes like this, “Failure is not the end but just a bend on the way to success”.
(News courtesy: http://www.titopiromitho.com)


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  1. its good…thanks for u share….

  2. thats good…..waww

  3. hey there , thanks alot for that .. can u please put some videos for this ;) and thanks again you have great post here

  4. Hi that’s good for you.keep on doing you can achieved your future goal soon.but you need to invested lots of money to achieved your desired goal.

  5. It’s good to learn about incredible succes of our brother Ran Bahadur Yongyang Subba.

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