Local husband abducts his divorcee

Beldangi, Jhapa,
(Nov. 15) A woman from Beldangi refugee camp, who is said to have married to a local resident, has been abducted by her divorced husband.

It is learnt that, Hari Maya Gurung, 20 of Beldangi Refugee Camp, sector A/1 Hut number 216, who had tied her knot to Bishwas kumal, a local resident of Topgachi V.D.C, had only divorced some months ago. Gurung was compelled to dissolve her marriage with Kumal owing to the fact that led to the difficulty of her Third Country Resettlement resulting from her having married to a local resident, police has reported.

According to the report, Kumal has abducted his ex-wife for revenge, who opted to divorce him for Third Country Resettlement.

Refugees who are married to the local residents face difficulty in resettling in third countries, despite their keen interest. So divorce cases and breaches of wedlock have become a sort of common phenomenon in camps.
(News based on our Beldangi correspondent)


2 Responses

  1. Every body knows that Beldangi camp is divided into 3 sections like Beldangi-1, Beldangi-2 and Beldangi-3.But editor didn’t mention the camp no.Could you (editor)please check this article and re-modify it?Thanx

  2. Hi editor,
    I belong to Beldangi-I, Sector A/1. The last hut number is 91. Please verify if you can prove 216 hut number in A/1.

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