Bhutan to Attend GNH Conference in Brazil

(Nov.15)Prime Minister of Bhutan Lyonchhoen Jigme Y.Thinley is scheduled to leave for Brazil to attend the 5th International conference on Gross National Happiness (GNH) tomorrow. Thinley is leading a 20 members Bhutanese delegation.

The Bhutanese Premier is expected to  deliver the keynote address at the conference. The four-day conference going to be hosted for the first time by any South American nation will begin from  November 20 to 24 in Itaipu city of Brazil. The conference is aimed to bring together actors and agents of the development- leaders,policy makers, intellectuals,and the like to explore and examine issues, problems, questions and topics of local, national and internatonal importance for a range of development issues.

The Future Vision Ecological Park, Brazil and the Itaipu Bi-national Hydroelectric Facility, co-owned by Brazil and Paraguay, are the co-hosts and organisers of this conference which basically  facilitates exchanges, interaction, scientific debate and networking  research on Gross National Happiness and other  related issues among various nations.

The 4th International conference on GNH was held in Thimpu from Nov.24-27 , last year. More than 90 participants  from 25 different nations had attended it.


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