Bhutan, the least corrupted nation in South Asia.

(Nov.18) Bhutan stands on the 49th position in the Corruption Perception Index(CPI) table, 2009, according to the report of the Transparency International,a global civil society Organization fighting against corruption.The tiny south Asian nation has scored 5.0 point this year where ‘0’ is the most corrupted and 10, the least, slipping four notches down from its position in 2008. Bhutan was ranked 45th with 5.2 score last year.
However, it still leads the rest of the seven SAARC nations and holds 10th position in the Asian Pacific Region that includes 32 different nations. Among the south Asian nations, India commands 2nd position as the least corrupted nation with 3.4 score followed by its neighboring countries, Srilanka(97th position with 3.1 score), Bangladesh and Pakistan,(139th with 2.4 score), Nepal,(143rd with 2.3 score). The story of Afghanistan is far appalling. This war-battered south Asian nation has been ranked as the second most corrupted nation in the world.

The United States has been ranked as the 19th least corrupted country scoring 7.5 points, leaving behind China in the 79th position, yet two positions down from that of Japan and United Kingdom(17th).

Highest scorers in the 2009 CPI are New Zealand at 9.4, Singapore and Sweden at 9.2 and Switzerland at 9.0 . The report  also shows, the poor African country, Somali as the most corrupted nation in the world.


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