NA decides not to telecast its fourth session

Nov. 19, National Assembly has declared that there will be no  live telecast of the proceedings of its fourth session, according to The NA members reached the conclusion to implement the decision in the third session of the Assembly. The only state-run television, Bhutan Broadcasting Services (BBS) Corporation will, however,  live broadcast  the anti-corruption committee’s annual report discussion, hour-long question and answer session and during the opening and the closing days of session.

Parliamentarians are of the view that live coverage  prolonged the procedings and they could not concerntrate upon the subject of discussion of  bills instead they were focused on pleasing the viewers.

According to the national assembly’s secretary general, Nima Tsering the decision, this time, was taken by NA speaker, Tsogpon Jigme Tshultrim. He said this during the co-ordination meeting with the media on November 17.

The fourth session, as it is declared, will ponder over the issues like civil service,standards and tobacco control, the royal monetary authority and the marriage bills ammendment. Ratification of the SAARC convention on mutual assistance in criminal mattrers is also expected from its fourth session.

Despite NA’s decission to stop the broadcast, BBS has proposed to the ministry of information and communication that they would record and telecast the whole session of the national assembly.
This decision to stop live telecast of parliament proceedings has created a hot debate in the media and public forums.

The fourth session of the NA is due to begin on November 20, Friday.


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