Bhutanese Children tour Canberra with International students.

Guna Majhi and Devi Ghimire:
(Nov.20) Three resettled Bhutanese kids, Mr. Nobin Bhattarai, Miss Thagi Maya Adhikari and Miss Jamuna Bhattarai from Wodonga, Victoria, got an exclusive chance to take part in a  tour to Canberra, Capital city of Australia.

They have had three days touring programme  with other ten international students from China, Thailand and  Philippines. Accompanied by three of their teachers, including Assistant principal of Wodonga Senior Secondary College, the tour was basically organized  to  let them have an exposure to the lifestyle of Australia, aiming at providing them more knowledge about the historical background of Australia as a whole.

“It took us a five and half hour drive to reach Canberra. We had a pretty fun on our way” says Miss Thagi Maya Adhikari, one of the three kids participating from the resettled Bhutanese.

Two of the participants posing for photograph

“As a part of our tour, we went  the Australian National Parliament, National War Memorial, Australian Institute of Sports, National Museum and Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre. We learnt many aspects about Australian Government towards its citizen. By seeing Australian War Memorial, we learnt Australia shows  profound respects and honor to   its citizen, who dies for the sake of their country and sacrifice their life for the welfare of the nation” recalls Mr. Nobin Bhattarai, representing his kidmates.
“This was ever the first time in our life to have a good opportunity to stay in a five star hotel” said the three kids laughing together.

“We have a lot of  opportunities here in Australia. This tour gave us, to some extent, an idea to get to know Australia, Australian lifestyles and its blend of vibrant culture. We met some  sophisticated Australians.  “I come to know after touring Canberra is a resemblance to heaven for us comparing our past tragic lives back in the refugee camps” added Jamuna Bhatarai.


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  2. I am extremely overwhelmed.Carry on.Keep going

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