What’s going on in Utah?

By Biren Dulal:
It’s been a long time since the Salt Lake City(SLC) guys had posted their news of progress on Bhutanusa.com. What are they doing? What is going on in SLC? Are they passing some dormant stages or in the state of hibernation during this beautiful snowy season? These were some good questions of curiosity raised in the mind of some well-wishers of Utahans, who love to read the progressive stages the Utahans are passing in their new homeland through our common network,  Bhutanusa.com.

The reason behind the news not coming out from the Utahans is neither they were dormant nor had they given up their hope, enthusiasm and responsibility towards their newly growing community and themselves. It was because of the increasing number of the new arrivals and subsequently increase in the responsibility of each individual towards the community and themselves that they remained busy for the last couple of months.

After the Capacity Building Grant has been passed for the community by the State Government, most of the community volunteer remained busy brainstorming about how it could be utilized for the betterment of the community. After calling for a couple of grand community meeting it has been finalized that the community will develop a group of volunteers who work in a group as a project management committee voluntarily. Each group member will be assigned a particular area of the project and will have to report the progress to the leader in monthly meetings. The volunteers will have to work with no or very limited incentive other than mileage and supplies reimbursement.

The community agreed to follow this model of Supplemental Case Management Project Plan taking into consideration the amount of budget the Community have and the guidelines the Community were given by the State Refugee Services Office.
Then Community developed a volunteer group as follows:
• C.P. Sapkota and Dharani Adhikari volunteered to help with reports generation, blog design, grant writing, database management, and other necessary documentation requirements.
• Indra Phuyel and Mukti Bhurtel volunteered to help with interpretation services to our targetted population.
• Purusottam Acharya volunteered to help by providing the updates of new arrivals for the community database.
• Hari Koirala and Hem Dulal volunteered to help with advocacy for the target population.
• Jaga Adhikari, Biren Dulal, and Tara Acharya volunteered to carry out all the educational activities proposed in the work plan.
• Santi Gautam and Danda Pani Baral will voluntarily help with employment related activities under this project.
Having formed this working volunteer committee, all the volunteer members agreed to work under the supervision of Ghana Dulal, the project coordinator, whom the volunteers shall report all their activities and accomplishments in the monthly meetings.

The project coordinator shall submit the quarterly report to the State Refugee Services Office.
The Community volunteers then start providing services to the targeted population of the Community, through which the Community already had started experiencing that they have been benefited in a lot many ways. Some of the community members have got employment through the approach of the Community Volunteer. Many have been benefited through interpretation and advocacy. The community database have been updated a couple of times. The Volunteers are now working with some experts to make education easily accessible to those who are 18 years and older and had or had not completed their High School Diploma in Nepal. They are also working on providing education to the parents about their involvement in the school and school related activities in this entirely different new homeland.
Apart from  all these developmental activities going on in the Bhutanese Community, a grand State Refugee Conference was held on 6th and 7th of November 2009 at Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, Utah. The conference was attended by a large number of Bhutanese people where Mr. Ghana S. Dulal was awarded as one of the ‘Most Outstanding Leaders of the Community’. With all these activities and achievements the ‘Bhutanese Community in Utah’ is still moving forward to achieve its goal of making each and every individual of the Community independent and self-reliant.
(Mr. Dulal reports for Bhutanusa.com from Salt Lake City, Utah.)


10 Responses

  1. Sorry hai, Mailay rakshi khako belama j sukai lekhechhu, eek patak lai maaf pau

  2. In refugee camp,every body said ” SIR”to every one ,by writing this you think all people will say SIR to you.
    better find job and start working ,make money and start paying power ,quest ,room rent etc bills.the agency will not pay through out your’s life.i guess you are free now and agency is paying all.Please start working ,this is my good suggestion for you all my neighbours.

  3. Hey Mr. Observer
    Can u point out some of the mistakes so u say Biren needs a dictionary. Timlaai lekhna aauchha bhai?euta article lekhera dekhaau na.We wanna learn from you-how is a perfect article. Kati padeko chhau?

    But writer should learn more english to know all about it Mr Biren Dulal.
    Mr Biren ji, do u not have dictionary at home.

    • Hey bro u r the one u did not see even school in camp.Didnt u feel shy to teach urs bro.

  5. Dulal sir!
    wow nice and matured news piece… I had not known u are a reporter too. Good job. Keep up the spirit. “MASTER OF ALL TRADES”

  6. looks like a grand project…..if it really turned out in practice, it will really give a brighter way to all the people out there. i wish your success towards the goal…..go on doing the good work so that the new families will never have hard time in the begining and the illitrate family will atleast see the way to handle life. iam glad to know ur planned project….. and wish all the refugee people(we) have the mind to think some extra plan like the fren in Utah. God bless you all.

  7. How about Khada? Is he helping in any field?

  8. alright that is good ,but since we are very much familer with Partinidi,sector head,camp secratary ,chip,focal point etc ,so it will be so good if you would have arrange in such a way and put one of the camp’s name.You are doing good job,no body did like that here in united states.Thanks for that.

    • you are right

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