Talking About ‘Rahasya Aafnopan ko’ and its Periphery.

The happy family of six members-parents and their four kids, lead peaceful and contended lives in a small house located in the country side, far away from the city hubbub until their mother is rapped and killed and father hanged to death not withstanding the pangs of the tragedy. The nightmares only begin when one of the four kids is killed brutally by the Village Head(Sumsher). Left at lurch, the orphans scatter around in the quest of some solace.

Wandering around aimlessly for some twenty years, Abhinay, the eldest sibling and his immediate brother, Sidant find turning points in their lives after they meet a philanthropist. But, their youngest brother, Manav, with no options left in hand, will be compelled to live in the street  struggling with the multiple challenges prevailing in his life.

This is the story in nutshell, of the Bhutanese film Rahasya Aafnopanko. Directed by debutant director Bhim Kumar Odari from Beldangi-1 refugee camp and produced by Suraj Rai, some prominent scenes of this film are currently being shot in different locations of Jhapa and Morang districts of Nepal and in the Indian hill station of Darjeeling.

The actors in the film represent different aspects of the contemporary Nepali/Bhutani society. The film also has tried to portray two love stories that go parallel to each other- one  trangular in nature involving Bhumika, Shidant and Avinaya and the other between  Manav and Roza in the street.

The whole family is dedicatedly working to make this nearly two hours long flick more interesting and worth watching.

The movie doesn’t only target to  entertain  the mass but also aspire to propagate a good message to the community. Rahasya Afnopanko’ also aims at informing the society about the problems of drug abuse among the teenagers and its impacts.

The film tries to bring forth pathetic condition of the refugees in the camps, main reason of the refugee crisis, etc . More than a dozen of Bhutanese artists including Bhuwan Ranpal, Rakesh Gajmer, Uttam Gajmer, Saraswati Magar, Buddhi Bhujel, Mahendra Gurung are in the lead role of the movie which is being made with estimated budget of NRS. 6,50,000. Beside these,  Bhanu Neupane(Camera) and Tirtha Limbu(Make-up) are involved in the project.

The Bhutanese artists have made this effort at a time when the refugees are fast making their way to different foreign countries through the Third Country Resettlement Program. So, there is a question mark as to  how far the movie will be  successful commercially. However, the endeavor of the refugee artists to exhibit their skills and quality is highly appreciated.

This is not the first movie Bhutanese refugees have made. Jwalamukhi, Jhupadi ko Jindagi and a few other Nepali Movies were made by the Veteran  refugee artists  in the past but unfortunately they  turned to be unsuccessful owing to some technical and financial problems.

(Report prepared by Guna and Devi from Melbourne,  Australia.)

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  1. hi
    iam the fan of bhuwan and llike to say that these type of flim make the history alive in the future
    but i miss u very much ……..

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