साहित्य शनिबार:-

Acme of my Unspoken Love.

The wound of my unspoken love still hurts me;
Deep in my bosom bestowing me an ample woe,
I wasn’t let candid at any juncture of my era-
By my homely enigma to willful my love to her,

In the day when I was leaving the hue and cry;
Where I had lived years with the painful heart,
She was there on my way to say good-bye and see me off;
Perhaps, she mightn’t be there with her willing heart,

I know not what she felt and avowed for me then.
But I know, not to tie anew I was undoing her
Forever with my lifeless tiny onerous dead heart-
Endeavoring myself not to let my sorrows turn into tears,

This is how I left her let live as my ladylove,
The dream and my longings that I had had then
To live with her forever being together is alive yet;
I keep it secret let not go, if it is love not a fake-

The then unspoken love is still untold and ever so;
For she has been a far star to far to my reach,
Those fancied days of yore often feeble my headway,
Even if I wish and wish not to be with,
Such ache of unspoken love let not be engulfed by none
Thugten Dorji Bhutiya
(Nykobing, Denmark)


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