Bhutanese delegation returns determined from GNH Conference

Nov. 29, Bhutanese delegation, led by the prime minister Jigmi Y Thinley returned home yesterday with deepened commitment to Gross National Happiness (GNH) from the 5th international conference on the subject held in Brazil, writes.

The prime minister-led 24-member delegation from different sections of Bhutanese society attended the conference that was held from November 20 to 24 in Iguassu, Brazil. The delegation is back, as the prime minister said, “With a determination to main stream gross national happiness that every Bhutanese begins to play a more involved role.”

As per the attendees the conference was highly informative and they learned much from it. It is understood from the delegation that the focus and discussions during the 5th conference were mostly on the practice and implementation of GNH. Thinley said, “The conference was highly educational and we learnt a lot. GNH is being implemented by NGOs, businesses and local government in certain parts of Brazil, which is far beyond what Bhutan is actually doing or has achieved.”

The online news portal writes quoting JIgmi Y Thinley as saying, “The GNH idea is spreading and that, although Bhutan is the origin of this concept, it needs to learn and understand more.” He opines that GNH remains as an idea that needs constant development and refinement.
Getting back home on 29 November, the delegation decided to form a core-group of people to begin discussions on how to start implementing GNH at the individual, family, community and various institutional levels. Reacting to questions as to what they did and achieved from the conference, the prime minister said, ““The international conference has deepened and furthered our understanding of how GNH can be implemented, measured and monitored.”

The prime minister insisted the concept of GNH originated in Bhutan and other nations like Brazils are adopting its approach in different sectors of public and private affairs but a senior government official said they are now aware that Bhutan is falling behind in implementing it.

More than 800 professionals, including doctors, lawers, educationists, policy makers, civil society leaders, academics and intellectuals, students and corporate leaders attended the 5-day conference organised by the Future Vision Ecological Institute and the Itaipu Bi-national Hydroelectric Facility.


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