Police charge the driver who killed Tikaram Koirala.

Dec. 30 The driver of the Chrysler Seabring, 22 years old, Ramon Nerl Olea, who hit and killed a resettled Bhutanese in Nashville, Tennessee has been charged with vehicular homicide by intoxication, according to the Nashvillecity paper. Continue reading

Bhutanese in MA attend Xmass party

Hundreds of resettled Bhutanese in West Springfield, Westfield, South wick and other adjacent cities attended a Christmas celebration party at a local church in West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA on December 27, 2009.Organized by the West Springfield chapter of the Lutheran Social Services, the function was held in Emmanual Baptist Church, located at 38 Front Street. Continue reading

कारको ठक्करबाट पुनर्स्थापित भुटानिको मृत्‍यु

photo courtesy/BNS

अप्डेट:ठक्कर दिने गाडीको चालक २२ बर्षका रोमन नेर्ल ओलिया रहेको थाहा हुन आएको छ भने उसले रक्सी सेवन गरेको गन्ध आएकाले प्रहरीले उसलाई परिक्षणको लागि अस्पातल लगिएको थियो। अत्याधिक गतीमा कार चलाएको स्थितीमा कार नियन्त्रण भन्दा बाहिर गइ मनी राइले चलाईरहेको गाडीमा ठोकिन पुगेको थियो।मनी राइले चलाएको गाडीमा पछाडी बस्नु भएका टिकारामलाई गम्भिर चोट लागेको थियो।
टेनेसी राज्यमा पुनर्स्थापित भुटानि टिकाराम कोइरालाको द्रुत गतीमा आएको कारको ठक्करबाट मृत्‍यु भएको छ। वहाँलाई आफ्नो कामबाट घर फर्किने क्रममा गएको सताइस डिसेम्बर राती कारले पछाडिबाट ठक्कर दिएको थियो। कारको ठक्करबाट ढाडको हड्डी सम्पूर्ण रुपमा छ्यातबिछ्यात भएको साथै हात र खुट्टामा गम्भिर चोट लागेको अवस्थामा कोइरालालाई तत्काल अस्पातल भर्ना गरि आइसीयूमा राखिएको थियो। मृत्‍यु सैयामा लद्डै गरेका कोइरालाको उपचारका क्रममा भिन्डरविल अस्पातलमा आज दिउसो १२ बजे मृत्‍यु भएको छ। Continue reading

Rongthong Kuenley freed to travel

Dec, 27 The Delhi High Court has passed a verdict in favour of the freedom of movement for Rongthong Kuenley Dorji.
Political activist and the president of Druk National Congress, Dorji had not been allowed to travel outside Delhi until this December 21. The court had issued a stay order on Dorji on December 10 while the extradition proceedings were in progress in the District Court against him. Continue reading

Hindu organisation’s Head office opened in Bhutan

Dec, 27 A Hindu religious organisation of Bhutan, established in 2007, has finally opened and inaugurated its head office in Motithang on 26 December, 2009.

Hindu Dharma Samudaya Of Bhutan (HDSB), according to one of the online news portals of Bhutan, kuenselonline.com, is now registered with the commission for religious organisation. As understood, the organisation has a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental foundation and is entrusted with performing all the religious rites associated with Hinduism. Continue reading

साहित्य शनिबार

संयुक्त गजल
मोहन पहाडी
(सभाना ,जर्जिया)

नजाने गाउँको बाटो बनेर आयौ
बेकार नातामा फाटो बनेर आयौ

सफा निच्छल यो मेरो मनमा
धुदा नजाने टाटो बनेर आयौ Continue reading

साहित्य शनिबार


(जितेन मुस्कान )
घमण्डले छोए पछी डुक्रिन्छ मान्छे
भुइमा उफ्रिदा उफ्रिन्दै टुक्रिन्छ मान्छे

बास जस्तो आकाश छेड्न उठे पछी
लत्रिएर जमिन तिरै कुप्रिन्छ मान्छे Continue reading

NFD requests India to pressurize Bhutan

National Forum for Democracy, Bhutan (NFD), a common platform of the political and non-political organizations of the Bhutanese in Nepal has appealed India to give stress to Bhutan for the repatriation of its citizens who are languishing in Nepal. NFD president Balaram Poudel has sent a letter, addressed to Indian prime minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh, requesting this southern democratic giant to pressurize Bhutan in repatriating its citizens, at time when Jigme Kheshar Namgyel Wangchhuk, the King of Bhutan is on his 6-day visit to India. Continue reading

Resettled Bhutanese siblings meet with fire accident.

One of the victims, Hema.(source:myfox8.com)

Three resettled Bhutanese siblings were seriously  burned on Tuesday Morning at 2.0am in North Carolina. Hema Ranapailee and two of her brothers,Bhuwan and Suman suffered critical burn when their apartment located at 1215 Asheboro street, High Point, caught fire and were immediately rushed to the hospitals. Continue reading

Denver Police helping the Bhutanese victims.

(Dec.23) Having experienced a number of assaults on the newly resettled immigrants in the city, the  Denver Police have started to provide them with cellphones only to make emergency calls. The cellphones are learned to have been distributed free, according to the Denver Post. Continue reading

Toy Drive for Bhutanese kids in Oakland,CA

Oakland, California,
Today the Bhutanese American Community Center (BACC) in partnership with the Sahayeta.Org organized a toy drive event for the newly resettled Bhutanese children living in Oakland and Alameda.
Mr. Jain Thapa, Community Bridge Liaison staff for BACC and Ms. Nisha Thapa,President of Sahayeta.Org organized the event in close coordination with Mr. Ananta Gurung, Executive Director of BACC and sister Kathy Ahoy, a senior health nurse of Alameda County. Continue reading

Bhutan’s sixth newspaper launched

21 Dec The former editor and six reporters of ‘Bhutan Times’ have brought out a newspaper with the name ‘The Journalist’, the sixth paper to appear in the media market of the nation.

The launch issue of the paper has come up with its 24-page writeups in differents genres as investigative reports, political discussions, business news and the like with a lead story on corruption. The weekly paper, as its editor Gpilal Acharya has said, will be published every Sunday and the monetary value for the paper is Nu. 10 per copy. Dzongkha edition occupies four-page space in The Journalist. Continue reading