A piece of Information from Bhutanusa.com

The man who misbehaved with our reporter in California a few days back has finally apologized to the Bhutanusa.com today. He said that he was not drunk then neither is he sick but all happened due to some “misunderstanding”.
Responding our news that demanded explanation and a public apology, he has sent us an email apologizing for what he called it as an accident.
According to his email, he was supposed to talk to one of his friends that day and dialed a number but the call was wrongly made to our California reporter. He, thinking as his friend ‘joked’ but later realized that it was a wrong number. He further says, “I am a regular reader and a well-wisher of this blog and always respect their selfless service. But, accidentally I had a misunderstanding with one of the members for which I am very sorry.I always praise their good deeds and pray for their perpetual success. I would sincerely like to apologize for the same”
The Bhutanusa.com board has accepted his formal apology and upon his request, the news about the incident has also been withdrawn.

(Bhutanusa.com family, at the same time, would like to thank Bhutannewsservice.com, APFAnews and other agencies who supported this site standing by its side, condemning such acts)


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