BASCO-CHELI completes an intensive training

Oakland, CA.Bhutanese Community Support Organization in America (BASCO), a California based Bhutanese non-profit organization, has  made a press release  today about the program its ancillary wing, BASCO-CHELI has attended and completed recently. This three-month intensive workshop laid focus on woman’s  health and nutrition; their responsibilities towards the promotion and preservation of culture and tradition,  role as mothers, teachers,  and above all as an integral part of the society.

Press Release

This is to inform you that BASCO-CHELI, the Women and Children Development Program of BASCO, has successfully completed once-a-week three-month program on Information, Education and Communication on relevant issues such as woman’s health, nutrition, tradition and culture directed towards a group of Bhutanese Refugee women. Pampha Giri coordinated the program under the volunteer deputation of Meghan Morris from EBCC. Mrs. Meghan, a PhD student from University of Berkeley has contributed her time to this cause. We are very grateful for her for creating awareness and disseminating useful messages to the Bhutanese refugee women.

Due to gender inequalities, the Bhutanese women are at a disadvantageous position in the community. However, BASCO believes that it does not have to be so in America . Our women are closest to the children and they are the best teachers even without education. Therefore, BASCO continues to promote BASCO-CHELI with objectives to empower Bhutanese Refugee women though Information, Education and Communication strategies and activities. At the same time, encourage them to preserve our language, tradition and culture; and teach the same to the refugee children at home.

We are moving forward to submit a project proposal to get funding for this program in order to continue in long term basis. We invite you to contact Pampha Giri at 510 287 6364 or Dick Chhetri at 510 421 8979 for further information.

Pal Rai
“Better Community, Best Hope”


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