First Bhutanese/Nepalese show goes on air at Radio Adelaide.

By Bhuwaneshor Sharma
Adelaide, Australia.December 6: Nepalese Cultural Society launched the first Nepali radio show in Adelaide, first of its kind in southern Australia. The weekly one hour show “Voice of Shangri-La” went on air on Sunday night from Radio Adelaide’s 101.5 FM Band, Australia’s first community and multicultural radio, established in 1970.
Several well wishers gathered in Adelaide studio office to support the program. People sent emotional messages to mobile phones and wrote on Face Book pages when the patriotic song ‘Nepalai Narahe’ sung by Phatteman Rajbhandari, went on air. The weekly magazine covers news from Nepal and Diaspora; Local and community news; information; students’ issues; language and literature and the music.
Also the program was listened worldwide via radio Adelaide website The show begins every Sunday 9.30 PM Adelaide time and can be listened to in Nepal at 4:45 PM online.
The title of the show was designed to accommodate the interests of Nepali and nepali speaking Bhutanese community, said Aashish Wagley, president of Nepalese Cultural Society.
The show came in backdrop of growing Nepali and Nepali-speaking Bhutanese population in Adelaide. About 3 thousand Nepali speaking people are estimated living in the state of only 1.5 million populations. The southern most state is nearly 7 times bigger than Nepal in area. Mostly, Nepalese and Bhutanese live in Adelaide. Presenters included Nepali and Bhutanese youths.
We provided air time in the context of growing Nepali community in Adelaide, said Deborah Welch, the Station Manager. It will help to promote Nepali culture, language and literature, while also disseminating useful information for the community, she added.
It is exciting to start our own language program, said Dr. Kush Shrestha, working in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide. Also the president of Nepal Australia Friendship Association (NAFA), Shrestha said the program will help promote and preserve Nepaliness. I have a full support for the initiative, he said.
Dr. Sunil Sharma, a Carbon Scientist referred the initiative to be a first key step for the promotion of Nepali language, literature and culture, particularly among second generation Nepalese. He runs a Nepali teaching ‘Pathshala’ for second generation and migrants’ kids in Adelaide. The Pathshala is a community initiative to teach kids Nepali alphabets, writing and Nepali cultures and festivals as well.
Icchha Poudel, a Bhutanese Journalist, who recently settled in Adelaide, hoped the program will be a platform to unite all Nepali speaking community and raise the issues of their concern. It is a first major step towards strengthening Nepali/Bhutani community, he added
(Mr. Sharma is a Nepalese journalist living in Australia)


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  1. Good!It is very nice to read and i think it is also a great progress oo Bhutanese cumunity.

  2. really sound’s gud. la la sathe ho keep on doing. We have to show our bhutaness talents. I am trying my best in key stone college, PA. Aakal, pravasi khimosh

  3. thanks a lot, for this detailed post!.
    I found a you tube video about Albanian TV online : that I would like to share – Albanian Tv Online!
    but seriously, amazing post and thanks so much !
    i look ahead to your next post !

  4. i feel very happy to read this message. very nice i really appreciate. we all the bhutanese those who r resettled in new york rochester city has also, youth club and named. , see our web site also. and place the comments.

  5. In the United States there are many community run TV stations, where ethnic community can learn how to create and run their own TV programs, 1 or more times a week. Training for these programs can take only a few hours and cost about $25-100 a person.
    In Berkeley, CA, contact Berkeley Community Media, 510-848-2288, or go to to learn how to do your own TV program.

  6. Good job friends! Keep it up. I really appricite.

  7. Its really an excellent initiative by Nepali and Bhutani friends. It will help to unite nepali speaking diaspora across the world. Thanks for Nepali cultural society for such a noble and innovative thought. This should be an examplary thing to be followed by all nepali and bhutanese.

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