25,000 Bhutanese resettled so far

( Dec 9:) The United Nations refugee agency UNHCR and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) announced on Wednesday that 25,000th refugee from Bhutan left camp in Nepal to begin a new life in the United States.
The United States has accepted the largest numbers of Bhutanese refugees followed by Australia, Canada, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand and the Netherlands.

In total, 22,060 refugees have been resettled in the US, 1006 in Australia, 892 in Canada, 316 in Norway, 305 in Denmark, 299 in New Zealand and 122 in the Netherlands, said a statement jointly issued by the UNHCR and the IOM.The resettlement program in Nepal, one of UNHCR´s largest, has been going on since November 2007 and is continuing with the strong cooperation between the Government of Nepal, UNHCR, IOM and the resettlement countries to enable a smooth and effective process.

“We have been receiving regular feedback from those resettled. They have written to us about their lives; they are learning new languages, their children are in school and they are happy with their new homes. Of course, they miss family and friends; the start of a new life in a new country is never easy,” said Diane Goodman, UNHCR Acting Representative in Nepal.
UNHCR continues to ensure that refugees are able to make free and informed decisions regarding durable solutions, the statement said.

IOM works with UNHCR and the resettlement countries to facilitate refugee departures from Nepal.

According to the statement, some 86,739 refugees from Bhutan remain in seven camps in eastern Nepal. Further, 556 are expected to resettle this year. More than 80,728 refugees have already expressed their interest for resettlement.


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  1. Thanks for publishing this data. It was very much informative!!

  2. thax foe keepin updates

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