Youths in Sydney form a Football Club

By Damber Kumar Dhungel
Dec.10( Sydney)The Sydney chapter of the ABA(Association of Bhutanese in Australia) have recently  formed a  football club comprising the resettled Bhutanese youths of Sydney and its suburb areas. Formation of the Druk FC was officially announced  on December 8 at the meeting conducted by the  Bhutanese youths resettled in this part of the continent-country.The aim and the objectives behind the formation of this club is to engage the youths with different communities, especially the Nepalese community which already have established multiple football clubs in Sydney and to make effective utilization of their leisure  interacting  with the youths of other communities here. The Druk FC consists of twenty members including a manager and a coach.

The preliminary fund for buying jerseys, boots and other necessary stuffs  will be provided by the ABA-Sydney. The club members committed to meet every Saturday morning at 7.30 am at Warrington football ground for their regular practice. The meeting of the youth also elected  its manager, coach and the team captains. Mr. Talman Kharka, the ex- football player of the Druk Eleven, Bhutan, will be guiding the team as coach where as Dr. Om Dhungel will be managing the affairs of the team. Led by the Captains, Damber and Subash Kharka, the family hopes to stand as  an exemplary football club of the Bhutanese diaspora in the long term.

The other remaining players include Purshutam Acharya, Suresh Kharka, Ramesh Dhungyel, Som Nath Dhaulari, Kalyan Dhungyel,Kewal Adhikari,  Kushal Dhungyel, Bishnu Adhikari, Deepak Dhimal, Tika Ram Dhungyel, Milan Dhungel, Gaurikanta Bhandari, Rohit Dhungyel, Achut Kafley, Rajen Dhaulari , and Tika Khatiwoda .


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  2. Thanks for everyones comments….
    @Surf: We actually includes people from all races…actually we dont have any mongolians here at sydney…i personally like to say you all that we should stop thinking and talking abt races……

    @??????……Thank you but i guess if you look at the title of the article you will get your ?s answer…

    @CD….thank you..

    @Roman …thank you

    @redwine….it depends on your thinking..anyway both of them are surnames

    @Januka……sorry for that its Parshu Acharya…

    @Jay; Thanks…


    • mongols are still in camp……


    • we r still waiting for mongols face to come sydney…

  5. There is a misleading message in the news about the Sydney chapter of ABA. The ABA only exist in Sydney, so the editor, can you please correct accordingly. This will send the wrong message to other Bhutanese communities in Australia in other states.
    The ABA was formed in Sydney and does noty have any member out of Sydney.

  6. hi guys,good job .

  7. Dhaurali and Dhaulari….or. is it the slow evolution of a new surname?May be brothers.. And no Mongolian faces in the team?

  8. Good job by guys in Sydney.well start and hope ends good.

    • i think there is a mistake in the name of the player coz i havent heard of the player named purushottam acharya,… anyways good job.. guys..

      • hi guys,good job .

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