साहित्य शनिबार

खबरहरुमा बेखबर भिडमाझ हराउदै हिड्ने भएकोछु
मानिसको नजरमा पागलभई बर्बराउदै हिड्ने भएकोछु
धेरैको नजरमा आर्थहीन पात्रभएर यात्राबिच अडीरहेछु
नौलो नौलो सहरमा डराउदै हिड्ने भएकोछुबाच्ने मोहमा मेरा सत्य भत्किएर जादैछ
भत्किनुनै बाच्नु मन पराउदै हिड्ने भएकोछु
भिडको रङ्गीन दुनिया ब्यस्त र मस्त पाउँछु
एक्लो म महुन भिड्माझ कराउदै हिड्ने भएकोछु ।


4 Responses

  1. oh my dear,ireally apreciate ur creation but u should not be pensive n write udashi things.there r two type of people in this world one who break records other break themselve.in which part u love to choose it is ur wish.but be positive la metra

  2. gazal unique lagyo….
    expecting more

  3. thank u raju g im delight to read ur gazal it is very good but i wanna saugst u dont become a real pagal while like wise ur gazal so i would like to in corrage u proceed ur gazal i wise u make ur gazal remabal

    regarded by majhi birkha

  4. Dear friend,
    your creation is good and i know u can do this. but don’t be that hopeless. always keep up with optimistic feelings.
    hope to see u in the best optimism.

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