ACC reports bribery cases in Bhutan

Dec. 12 National Integrity Assessment Report (NIAR) of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC)-Bhutan has revealed that in 2008, 2% of the Bhutanese has paid Nu 5000 in average as bribes to get access to various government and private service sectors.

Reports says only in 2.5 of the cases public officials demanded bribes and according to them bribes were from the client’s side. It can be calculated that the behaviour of the officials has led clients think that they are expecting the amount to get things done.

More than 50% of the total who are involved responded that they offered the bribes to express their gratitudes towards the officials while 45% told that they gave this to maintain future ralationships.

The report is based on the feedback and experiences collected from more than 3,000 people, who utilised public services. The intention of carrying out this report was to determine whether these services were provided to them in a fair and transparent manner.The overall integrity score for Bhutan of 7.44 on a scale of 10 reveals that the current system or work environment had the potential for corruption.

ACC will be introducing corruption risk management and other corruption prevention tools to the organisations that were surveyed.

The reports are that, to improve the integrity score further, issues like working environment, administrative system, personal attitude and anti corruption measures need to be addressed and looked at.

As expected, procurement scored the lowest on the integrity index at 6.66, with lowest scores for everything from need for contacts to low fairness and information disclosure. writes Chief of prevention division Tshewang Dorji as saying, “People mustn’t get confused because the number of complaints in our annual reports show that local government is the most corrupt and this study covers only some services and not embezzlement, misuse of authority and procurement where most complaints are.”

As per those who are in charge of government offices, the integrity scores going down is due to challenges like lack of information from agencies, due to poor record keeping and limitation of the survey.

The objective of the Integrity Assessment is believed to provide a base line performance and target index for agencies and also a diagnosis so that agencies will know where the problems are in providing public services.

Carried out every three years, the next survey of ACC will be in 2012.


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