Druk star quest kicks off this week

Dec. 14 – With the Druk star singing competition launched in Thimphu, the quest for the voice of Bhutan will start this week.

Organised by Wisdom Pictures in Collaboration with KK production, the contest will go for four months with any Bhutanese between the age of 16 and 35 joining and beating their rivals in the competition. The entire program will be telecast on the Bhutan Broadcasting Service Corporation (BBSC) and the voters will be voting through SMS for their favorite performers.

Competition  will be in the national language of the land, Dzongkha, in three different genres of singing namely traditional, classical and the modern where participants will be judged in all of these three categories.

It is said that the audition round will select top 20 contestants whose live performance will be judged by audience and a 3- member jury. Until top five competitors, the judgment will be based on 30 % marks from the jury and the rest from the audience. Selection of the top 5 performers will be done considering the poll from the audience alone.

While there are rumors about a car and a singing contract for the winner and cash for the runners up ,Kencho Dorji, one of the organizers said, “Prizes and the panel of judges are yet to be finalized”.

This singing competition is first of its kind in Bhutan when several such contests have already been conducted and concluded in its immediate southern neighbor, India and elsewhere around the globe.


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