Bhutanese Ablaze Nepalese Talent Hunt in Brisbane

Hanisha Luitel, one of the participants

By Guna and Devi:
(Dec. 14) Two of the Australian Bhutanese participated in a Nepalese talent hunt in Brisbane on 12th December. It was the Nepali Dance Competition 2009, organized by the Nepalese Association of Queensland (NAQ) Inc. in association with NRNA (Non Resident Nepalese Association) Australia, where Mrs. Meena Khadka and Miss Hanisha Luitel  took part  representing almost one thousand Bhutanese fellows so far resettled there, and, in true sense, mesmerized the huge crowd with their artistic dance performances.

The event as it happened, has quite been reported to be the biggest and grandest of its kind in Australia organized basically with a view of recognizing local Nepalese talents and providing them a forum for cultural exchange among the different generations of Nepalis diaspora and thereby preserving the uniqueness of typical Nepali culture.

More than 24 participants from across the continent-country had gathered in Brisbane to rock the show. Mrs. Khadka who lives in the extreme southern Australian city of Hobart did her hypnotizing performance in Parelima Aaye, a Nepali song where as another Bhutanese participant miss Hanisha Luitel had traveled all the way from Melbourne to show her dance on Tungna ra Damfu… at the program.

A total of thirteen single dances and eleven group dances were registered for the competition. There were 5 performances from

Mrs. Meena Khadka, another participant

Melbourne, 5 from Sydney, 2 from Darwin, 1 from Perth, 1 from Adelaide, 1 from Hobart (Bhutanese) and 9 from Brisbane.

A six member judging panel was set to judge the competition which included Mrs.Payal Shakya (Miss Nepal-2004), Helen Jada (Member of Nepal-Australia friendship association), Ranjan Baidya (Co-ordinator of Melbourne Chautari Radio, Nepalese community Radio), Jeren Fuentes (Brisbane based professional Dance teacher), Sujan Thapa Magar (choreographer,Dancer) and Dhiren Thapa. Best performers of the competition were awarded based on the evaluation of the judging panel.

The program was sponsored by the joint collaboration of Crown Institute of Business and Technology, Sydney, Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Lamart College of Technology, Sydney, Queensford College Brisbane, Dolma Hotel, Melbourne, Kandel Enterprises, Melbourne, Oli and Associates, Sydney, Thapa’s Pty Ltd, Sydney, and JNJ Commercial Services, Sydney.


9 Responses

  1. I am very much grateful for having the publications of the news regarding bhutanese refugee resettled and the other who else are in camps too.Besides i thank this websites for providing the information of bhutanese.And much thanks to the correspondance for providing the news of australian resettled bhutanese refugee.AND wants to say that there is alittle news of australian bhutanese in this it would be better i think if the news are more included.Besides can’t this website kindly provides this video regarding the dance and all the programms performed.It would be better i think if the visual is provided in this website.

    Thakur Acharya
    Melbourne Victoria Australia

  2. This has been a start.Bhutanese community of Southern Tasmania(Hobart) will always make attempts to participate in all functions.We never disappoint talents.
    Thir Bahadur Thapa

  3. Hello Dhanyabad mitra
    Thats not how you repply – if u were the organizer. u sound so agitated- there are lots of other ways of conviencing people. your reply will put them off when u do such events in the future. i am sure u motto is to unite bhutanese not the other way round. Good that the programme was a success so follow it by good examples.

  4. Even our respected leader did not inform us. Any way congratulation one and all who put their input to became the programme remarkable. Try not to saperate us as we all are here in Australia because of same reason.
    I also suggest that don’t try to disunify saying this and that state. As a whole we all are Bhutanese who spent 18 years in refugee camp.

  5. The programme which really send a positive feelings to every bhutanese and nepalies people. I think it was a good example to other society about having some best qualifications to be shown.Coz we know Australia is a world of different cultures with different societies who lives harmoniously.
    Hopefully this type of programme gives a sense of rememberance and an opportunity to share cultural values .I hope it unites to all the bhutanese to make their own kind of effect in the society, So keep it up, go ahead.thats my wish…..”HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 IN ADVANCE.

    puspa dabadi
    Hobart Tasmania Aus.

  6. hello,thanks for the publication.Im really proud of becoming representative of bhutanese to compete with nepalese talenteds in dance competetion in Brisbane though im quite a distance like was mindblowing.

  7. i m glad that Bhutanese participated in this competition, and we bhutanese in sydney are extremely embarressed that we are not even informed regarding the programme…..
    We had talents to perform, but we regrate that not even bhutanese in other parts of Australia remember bhutanese in sydney.
    It shows that we bhutanese still have some barriers between us…
    Please dont let politics to be the barriers in between we people..

    • Hello Sydney,
      The program was coordinated by Nepalese organization in each state. So your leader in Sydney has to inform in you all there in coordination with Nepalese community there, not we from other state.
      Again the choice of people is not picked on name basis. There was a competition in each state and the best talents were chosen by people who are not from to Bhutanese community in each state. So where is the politics you cook in your mind.
      For your information the Sydney teams has won most of the award who went through Sydney selection process which was very hard work. The winning team in Sydney has practice for last 3 months 4 hour everyday. This is for your understanding ok.
      So please do not think there is barrier between us, it is the mind game and assumption that you are making in your mind in playing politics on you. So tell your leader that because they have not informed you and you have missed.
      Not to blame other who made it, instead learn to congratulate on good works.

  8. sounds cool, keep it up..

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